Degree Programs


The College of Business and Entrepreneurship recognizes that leadership is more than a title. It is an action! Mastery of the major tenets of business are accomplished through innovative and cutting edge technologies, and systems as well as real-world experiential learning activities. Students enhance and refine their skills by majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, or Information Systems Management.

B.S. Accounting - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Business Administration - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Finance - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Information Systems Management - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The College of Education continues its accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs since the mid-1980’s and currently has fourteen programs approved by the Florida Department of Education. The program earns praise for the high pass rates on state teacher certification examinations. Many graduates have been nominated and won Teacher of the Year Awards. The College of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Business, Elementary English, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Music, Physical and Social Science Education and a Master’s degree in ESE. 

B.S. Biology Education 6-12 - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Business Education 6-12 - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Elementary Education K-6/ESOL Endorsement - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. English Education 6-12/ESOL Endorsement - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Music Education K-12 - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Physical Education K-12 - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Social Science Education 6-12 - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Exceptional Student Education K-12 / ESOL - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.Ed. Exceptional Student Education - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The School of Graduate Studies has responsibility for graduate education through programs designed to advance scholarship and enhance professional competence. Bethune-Cookman University offers six graduate degrees at the Masters level and one graduate certificate in Organizational Development. Graduate degrees are offered in counseling, criminal justice, education, environmental science, leadership and public health.

M.S. Counseling - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Criminal Justice Administration - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Integrated Environmental Science - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Transformative Leadership - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.Ed. Exceptional Student Education - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.P.H. Master of Public Health - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The Joe and Barbara Petrock College of Health Sciences offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing, Aging studies, and Psychology and Master’s degrees in Public Health and Mental Health Counseling.  The College is also home to the Health Careers Program which supports pre-Medicine, pre-Dentistry, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Veterinary, pre-Physical Therapy, and pre-Clinical Psychology students. The College gives students career options in the health professions; creates opportunities for joint faculty/student research and grant submissions; and provides services to the larger community through The Chambliss Center for Health Equity, which is also housed within the College. 

B.S. Aging Studies - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Psychology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Counseling - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.P.H. Master of Public Health - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management is committed to providing excellence in Hospitality education, preparing students for leadership roles in events and entertainment, lodging and resorts, global tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation, and food service management. The school provides real world exposure to the hospitality industry through student-managed events, mandatory internships, study abroad experiences and professional development activities. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).

B.S. Hospitality Management - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The College of Liberal Arts’ interdisciplinary programs strengthen students’ knowledge and preparation for competitive career opportunities and for success in graduate and professional programs. Students graduate from our liberal arts programs with a diverse skill set that many major employers recognize as important and seek in their employees, such as skills in intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, research, and leadership. The College offers Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice, English, History, Liberal Studies, International Studies/Affairs, Political Science and Sociology. Master’s degrees offered in the College are in Criminal Justice Administration and in Transformative Leadership.

B.A. English - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Criminal Justice - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. History - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. International Studies / International Affairs - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Liberal Studies - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Political Science - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Sociology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Criminal Justice Administration - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Transformative Leadership - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree.  The nursing program educates individuals to become registered nurses at the baccalaureate degree level.  It is designed to graduate competent, visionary, and professional nurse leaders who are at the forefront of innovative, culturally sensitive healthcare practices that promote human flourishing.  It endeavors to develop the professional nurse leader to serve, educate and empower all citizens toward optimal wellness.  Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN).  The nursing program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON), and accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

B.S.N Nursing - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The College of Online and Professional Studies seeks to serve the University by providing online, weekend and evening degree programs and courses to the traditional and non-traditional student. Designed to meet the educational, social and cultural needs of these students, The College of Online and Professional Studies  enriches, expands, and extends the University’s primary mission of teaching, research and community service.

B.S. Business Administration - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Criminal Justice - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Elementary Education K-6/ESOL Endorsement - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Liberal Studies - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Psychology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Sociology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The Dr. LaDoris McClaney School of Performing Arts and Communication offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in mass communications, music, music recording technology, communication studies and theater arts. The School prepares students for careers in the performing and recording arts, radio and television broadcasting, broadcast media, journalism, and public relations/advertising. Graduates of the School can be found in recording studios, radio stations, in front of the camera and behind the scenes in television studios, in digital media outlets and on the world’s stages.

B.A. Mass Communications - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Music - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Music Recording Technology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.A. Speech Communication - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The School of Religion, which was newly created, offers majors in Religion and Philosophy with concentrations in Religion, Philosophy and Christian Ministry. This new curriculum will employ a multidisciplinary approach emphasizing the African American religious experience, social justice, and ecumenism.  This new structuring of the major in Religion and Philosophy is justified in that Bethune-Cookman University is positioned to offer the state of Florida and beyond a creative and innovative approach to the study of religion, philosophy, and ministry. It draws from the Institution’s profound commitment to engaged education with a focus on societal transformation.

B.A. Religion, Philosophy & Christian Ministry - (2015-16) / (2016-17)


The College of Science, Engineering & Mathematics offers Bachelor of Science degrees in biology, chemistry and mathematics, with specialized training in pre-professional areas of medicine and health care. Majors in computer engineering, computer science and computer information systems prepare students for careers in technology, and a major in integrated environmental science is also available. The college provides opportunities for student internships and research experiences.

B.S. Biology - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Chemistry - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Computer Engineering - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Computer Information Systems - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Computer Science - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Integrated Environmental Science - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

B.S. Mathematics - (2015-16) / (2016-17)

M.S. Integrated Environmental Science - (2015-16) / (2016-17)