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High School Counselors & Parents

As a means to ensure that your student is ready for independence before he/she begins a formal degree program at a college or university, Florida offers the option of dual enrollment as one of the Articulated Acceleration Programs.

Bethune-Cookman University is excited about being one of the few private universities to offer a quality program to eligible students in the area.  As committed partners in the success of your secondary student, we want to thank you for your active participation and for encouraging this amazing opportunity. 

To ensure a successful dual enrollment experience, we recommend that you view and share the following with your students: 

Student Readiness

  • Dual enrollment is not for everyone! Success in college depends upon your academic readiness, maturity and determination to succeed!  Your student’s ability to maintain proper organization and time management skills are also important.
  • Dual enrolled students participate in college-level courses.  Therefore, dual enrolled students will be expected to perform and complete all assignments as other college students.

Impact on Student Record 

  • The grades earned in dual enrollment courses are included on the student’s college transcript and are factored into the high school GPA.
  • Students must maintain a minimum high school G.P.A. of a 3.0 and a 2.0 in their college course(s) to remain eligible for the dual enrollment program.
  • Students who earn a "D" or  “F” in a course at B-CU are able to retake that course ONLY if they maintained the eligibility requirement of a 3.0 HS G.P.A and a 2.0 G.P.A at B-CU. 
  • Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior may mean grounds for dismissal.  Poor academic performance and behavior can also negatively impact scholarship opportunities, college admissions and financial aid.  

Parents & Counselors’ Roles

  • The high school counselor is the first point of contact at the school for students interested in dual enrollment.  Students must consult with his/her counselor to determine if requirements for high school graduation as well as dual enrollment participation are met. 
  • Parents are encouraged to discuss adequate course options and implications with the school counselor before allowing the student to become a program participant.  As parent and school counselor, your role in the success of this program is very critical.  
To begin the process, view the Steps to Dual Enrollment
For recommended courses: Click Here
Log into the Florida Department of Education for an updated course Equivalency list 
We look forward to working with you and your students!
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