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Bookstore Orders

  1. The regalia costs for graduates are covered by the graduation fees payable to B-CU, ($75.00 for bachelor degree candidates, $105 for masters' degree candidates). There is no additional charge for academic regalia for graduating students.
  2. Generic graduation announcements with date/time insert card are available in the store for sale now.
  3. Graduating seniors need only to provide height (in heels if applicable), weight, and the exact degree and program they are graduating from (to match "tassel color") to order regalia.
  4. Student caps are "one size fits most." The campus bookstore will have a limited number of XL caps available - IF A STUDENT IS GOING TO WEAR "BIG HAIR, INCLUDING DREADS", the student will need to request an XL cap when picking up their regalia. The campus bookstore also recommends that students requiring a XL cap bring bobby pins (available for sale in the bookstore) to clip their mortarboard cap securely.
  5. Masters' candidates need to identify themselves as such since they wear a different gown and receive a hood.
  6. Class African Kente Cloth Stoles are available for sale in the store now. Stoles are entirely optional and retail at $23.20 plus tax and are extra; they are not part of the graduation fee. B-CU generic stoles sold at the same retail are in stock and available at the B-CU Bookstore now. Nursing pins are available at the bookstore.
  7. The bookstore will begin distributing regalia two weeks prior to graduation through the morning of the Commencement Ceremony.
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