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Who Should Apply?

Interdisciplinary Studies, Employment, and Graduate School

Students who are already employed and who desire a baccalaureate degree to advance in their current career should meet with supervisors in order to identify the types of courses and experiences which would best equip them to succeed in their chosen line of employment.

Students who are not currently employed but who have a prospective career in mind should seek out and interview those who are successfully engaged in the line of work they desire to enter in order to identify the types of skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the career desired.

Students who plan to advance to graduate or professional school after graduation should contact these schools to determine undergraduate requirements and to ensure that an Interdisciplinary Studies major is appropriate to meet graduate prerequisites. In most cases, the Interdisciplinary Studies major is acceptable for graduate and professional programs such as law which have few discipline-specific prerequisites. The degree may not be an appropriate choice for students planning to enter discipline-specific graduate programs such as those in math, biology, or physical science.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major provides the opportunity for a student to work with an advisor to design a curriculum that meets the student’s career and educational needs. This flexibility enables students to develop an academic program that meets the ever-changing requirements of the world of work.

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