The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an 18 month online master’s program.  This interdisciplinary degree program is designed for working adults who want a program that will enhance their leadership skills in the workplace while equipping them with an ethical foundation in civic participation to become a transformational leader in our global society.

M.S. in Organizational Leadership

New Student Virtual Orientation, (required)

Please refer to the catalog for more information about courses and additional options.
The outline below reflects general thesis and non-thesis options in the MSTL.

Semester I:

Lead 601:
Leadership Theory, Principles and Practices

Lead 605:
Critical Reflection & Transformative Leadership

Lead 613:
Ethical Decision-making

Semester II:

Lead 615:
Cognition, Communication & Behavior

Lead 640/641:
Action Research I: Action Research methodology

Lead 638:
Data Collection, Analysis & Statistics


Semester III

Lead 611:
Organizational Change & Dynamics

Lead 621:
Leadership & Civic Engagement

Lead 645 (Thesis Track Only):
Action Research II:  Data Collection (OR)
Lead 646 (Thesis Track Only):  Actions Research II:  IRB (AND)
Lead 647 (Thesis Track Only):  Action Research II:  Implementation

Lead 633-Internship II - (Non Thesis Track Only)

Semester IV:

Lead 623:
Social Justice and Multicultural Global Leadership

Lead 625:
Special Topics in Leadership

Lead 650 (Thesis Track Only):
Research III: Thesis
Lead 651 (Thesis Track Only):
Thesis Continuation

Lead 652-Grad. Seminar-Capstone Course (Non-Thesis Track Only)