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Student Resources

Textbooks used by the instructors in the Professional Studies program should be the same ones authorized by the Department Chairpersons for the on-campus program.   Any books purchased from the University and mailed to the students, will be paid for by the students.  Students are now able to obtain books online at the University bookstore website:

All Professional Studies students will be issued a library card for use at the main campus and will share the same privileges as those for on-campus students.   Students can access the library catalog and databases online at:  Off-campus students may also use facilities of the local community University library.  The staff of Professional Studies sites will be responsible for obtaining material not readily available to those students at off campus centers.

Class materials such as handout, examinations, etc. will be under the direction of the instructor.  The staff of Professional Studies sites is responsible for helping the instructors make copies of any class materials or examinations.  The staff and faculty should be careful when copying material not to infringe on any copyrights.

Student Withdrawals
When an instructor receives notice that a student is withdrawing from a course, the instructor should immediately notify the Center Coordinator who in turn should notify the Dean of Professional Studies.  No student will be withdrawn from any course without the completed withdrawal process from the registrar’s office authorization.

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