School of Business Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

All students in the School of Business are required to dress professionally each Wednesday and for any School of Business functions.  Failure to follow the dress code wil result in removal from classes. 

Guidelines for Professional Dress


Basic 2-Piece Suit:
   Choose classic colors such as navy blue, black, and gray.  The jacket is the most
   important item of professional clothing at all times.

Suit Skirt:
   The length of the skirt should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee so that
   your thighs will not show when you sit or cross your legs at the ankle.  The split
   should be in the back, 3-6 inches.  Avoid overly tight skirts; they are
   unacceptable for business.

   Are acceptable for business/professional dress at Bethune-Cookman College. 
   Choose classic colors such as navy blue, black, and gray.  Pantsuits must be of
   the same fabric.

Suit Blouses:
   Select sophisticated, complimentary colors, e.g., white, light pink, light blue,
   eggshell/off white, beige in silk or cotton.  Suits may be accentuated with a
   multicolor scarf.  Low necklines and sleeveless blouses are unacceptable.

   Always wear hosiery, colors should be slightly darker or lighter than your skin tone.
   NO RUNS. No designer or fancy hosiery, e.g. flowers, bows, etc.

   Wear black, navy blue, brown or burgundy basic pumps with moderate heels of 1.5
   or 2 inches to match wardrobe.  Avoid suede, pattern, multicolor trimming, and
   gold toe, etc.

   Don't wear anything that dangles or jingles.  Wear small stud pearl, gold or silver
   earrings.  One ring per hand.  Chain bracelets are acceptable.  Charm bracelets are
   not professional.  If you have more than one piercing in your ear, adorn only one
   per ear.  Wear no more than 4 pieces of jewelry.

   If longer than shoulder length, it should be neatly styled or pulled back from the
   face and secured.  No highly styled trendy designs.

   Keep nails clean, well manicured, and short.  Clear polish is always appropriate.  If
   you do wear a color, don't be garish and always match nails and lip color
   appropriately.  No designer nails.

   Use neutral (skin color) tone.  Avoid mascara rings under the eyes.

   Invest in quality leather products and accessories.  Items needed are pens and
   pencils, briefcase, portfolio and day planner.  Briefcase or portfolio should be black
   or burgundy in color.  Purse should match the color of the shoes and should be
   medium in size.  Contents should be neatly organized in case it opens.  Have a pen
   and pad available at all times.


   A suit is a must!  Conservative 2 or 3 buttons single or double-breasted suits are
   acceptable.  Acceptable colors are navy blue, black, and gray. Long suit jackets are not acceptable.

   Jeans, Dockers, and Nautica are unacceptable for business/professional dress.

   Shirt should be long sleeved white, light blue, or beige (French cuffs are
   acceptable).  Conservative ties with subtle patterns.  Band collar unacceptable.
   Short-sleeved shirts are accepted with a suit.

   Appropriate jewelry includes a conservative watch and one ring per hand.  Do not
   wear earrings, bracelets, or gold chains.  Cuff links should be small and simple.
   Lapel pins are acceptable if professional organization is being represented,
   fraternity pins, or large rings are not appropriate for business.  Limit jewelry to 2
   to 3 pieces.  Gold cap or teeth are not acceptable for business.

   Hair should be neatly trimmed, also, moustache, sideburns and beards.  Braids are
   acceptable for business attire if it is brushed or comb neatly.

   Show color should be black, blue, brown, or cordovan (burgundy), and SHINED.
   Loafers, lace-ups, penny loafers, and wing tips are acceptable.  Patent leather
   shoes, sandals, and brogans are unacceptable.  Shoe should have no metal
   ornaments on them.

   Men should wear dark, mid-calf length hose so that skin is not seen when legs are

   Wear a black, blue, gray, burgundy, or brown leather belt.  The belt should match
   your shoe color.  Suspenders should be the same color as suit.

   Invest in quality leather products.  Items needed are pens and pencils, briefcase,
   portfolio and day planner.  Briefcase or portfolio should be black, or burgundy in
   color.  If you wear cologne, wear very little, and always remember to wash your
   hands after it is applied.  For personal use, use handkerchiefs instead of tissues.

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