Wireless Network

Your wireless card will automatically pick up the SID: BCC2001
Your MAC Address is logged for security reasons.
Once you pick up a signal click on the connect button and you will be issued an address.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary method. Please check back for updates.

Before you begin:  

Important:  Make sure to install BCU's version of Anti-Virus software (McAfee Enterprise) before you get to campus. If you do not install the Anti-Virus software on your computer, your network access may be discontinued until you do so. Get the free Anti-Virus software, and learn more at: http://www.cookman.edu.

  • You need your BCU User Name and Password
  • Does your Windows or Macintosh computer meet the requirements?  Note: Laptops bought through BCU already meet these requirements.
  • Make sure you have the correct wireless card installed in your laptop.

Therefore, Bethune-Cookman University has adopted the following procedures and recommendations for the deployment and use of wireless networking on the College’s network.

  • Only wireless access points provided and installed by CIT or authorized and approved by CIT, are permitted on the University’s campus network.
  • Personal wireless routers (also known as “rogue” routers) are NOT permitted. IF such devices are found connected to the network, network access to that location will be disabled until the device is removed or reconfigured to be an access point and formally approved. A properly configured wireless access point may be used on our network, if it is registered and approved by CIT. Requests for approval should be sent by email to cithelp@cookman.edu Computers with wireless network interface cards (NICs) may not be configured to act as access points or routers.

Laptop computers can connect to the campus network through a wireless network connection in selected locations throughout the campus. Laptop computers with this capability will be able to access the campus network, campus computer servers, and the Internet without having to connect the laptop to a network outlet.

Please note that wireless network access supplements the traditional wired campus network and does not provide the same speed as the current network. Wireless network access is created by the installation of wireless "Hot Spots" in campus buildings. Please note that wireless network access may not extend to all areas of the specified buildings at this time. Also note that based on the location of the "Hot Spots" and outside antennas, wireless access also extends outside campus buildings.