Student Employment – Work Aid Program
The B- CU Work Aid Program is a program funded by the University.  Students cannot be assigned to the Federal Work Study and B-CU Work Aid Programs simultaneously.

There are a few departments on campus that have allocated funds in their budgets to hire students under work aid.  Departments who have sufficient funds available through their department’s budget may hire work aid students.  In order to hire a work aid student, a department is required to complete an Employment Authorization Form and submit it to the Student Payroll Coordinator for approval.  International students are eligible to be hired for work aid.  Please refer to the Financial Aid section on this Website for additional information.

Payroll taxes are deducted from the student’s paycheck every month, based on the information provided by the student on their W-4 forms.  The form must be filled out by every work study student before they begin working.  W-4 forms are available on the IRS Website: