Judicial Process

B-CU’s Judicial System is composed of two bodies: the Administrative Panel and the Disciplinary Review Committee. The Administrative Panel will adjudicate violations of the student Code of Conduct, and the Disciplinary Review Committee is appointed for the purpose of hearing appeals from the Administrative Panel.

Once a formal written complaint has been filed against an accused by a student, faculty member/staff member, or bona fide law enforcement agency, the judicial process begins after the Chief Judicial Officer receives the allegations.

The accused, complainant, and all witnesses listed in the initial report will receive within 48 hours of the hearing the date, time, and place that the hearing will take place. The allegation(s) will also be listed on the notice. The hearing notice will be hand carried to all parties who in turn will sign a receipt for the notice to be returned to the Judicial Affairs Assistant  acknowledging receipt of said notice. Many times, one or more of the listed persons are housed off campus. In  cases where a student is not on campus, a copy of his/her class schedule is printed and the notice will be served in one of their classes.

All students are required to appear in appropriate attire when attending a hearing, females in shoes and stockings, males in dress shirt, slacks and tie. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions/fines.

If either the accused or the complainant is unable to attend a scheduled hearing due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she must notify, in writing, the Chairman of the Administrative Panel as soon as the conflict is known.

Failure to give timely notice or to provide an excuse for nonattendance satisfactory to the chairman may result in additional judicial actions and/or proceeding with the hearing and adjudication in the individual’s absence.

The accused will be notified of the outcome upon completion of the panel’s deliberation. The Chairman will follow-up with a written notification within 48 hours of the completion of the hearing.

Appeal Process

The decision of the Judicial Panel will be final unless there is a timely request for appeal. However, unless and until the appeal is resolved in the appellant’s favor, the decision of the Panel and any sanctions imposed will remain in effect.

A student may appeal a decision of the judicial panel to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. The appeal must be submitted in writing (typewritten) and within five business days of receiving written notification of hearing outcome.

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs will convene a Disciplinary Review Committee to only hear appeals where the accused student has demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • Bias or improper hearing procedures that materially affected the outcome of the hearing;
  • New evidence(not available at time of original hearing) has surfaced; or
  • Imposition of an inappropriate sanction for the offense in question.

Only the accused may file an appeal. Appeals filed after the deadline will not be considered.

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs will issue a decision in writing to the accused student and the Chief Judicial Officer no later than 30 days after the request for an appeal has been submitted. This deadline may be extended in the event of complex or unusual circumstances. If this deadline is extended, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs shall notify the accused of the delay in writing.