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Rules & Regulations

A resident is considered any student assigned to housing by the Associate Vice President or other designated University official.A Resident students are governed by the provisions of the student handbook, and the housing contract. Violations of the housing rules, University policies, or federal, state or local laws are considered violations of the, housing contract and may result in cancellation of the agreement and removal from the residence.

  • Curfew for freshman students and freshman residence halls is midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday. A Freshmen have fifteen (15) minutes after an on-campus activity and thirty (30) minutes after a school-sponsored off-campus activity to return to their residential hall, if said activity extends beyond curfew. (Freshmen are privileged to remain at University sponsored activities until such activities are concluded.)
  • Parent Permission Form should be kept in student file in his/her respective residential hall. Freshmen are to follow instructions on the form for signing out of the hall.
  • Overnight checkout is a privilege the University affords residential students on the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). For freshman students, see Parent Permission Form. Upperclassmen, while permitted overnight checkout both during the week and on the weekends, are still required to sign in and out when leaving the residence halls.
  • Fees/charges will be assessed each student for damages incurred to room furniture, doors and walls. Furniture should not be moved from one room to another. Students who do so are subject to discipline.
  • Common areas/Guests The residential halls have student rooms and lounges. With the right of access to these areas goes the responsibility to adhere to residential life standards in their use. Students who use the facilities are responsible for the condition in which they are left. Students who move furniture from these areas are subject to discipline. Students are responsible for their guest(s). All residential visitations by non-residential persons must be registered at the Manager's office. Students who are found to have non-Bethune-Cookman University students in their rooms without clearance from the Residence Life Coordinator/Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, will be subject to discipline.
    *Identification should be shown by all visitors entering the residence halls.
  • Illegal Visitation - At no time, or under any conditions, should students enter the living quarters of the opposite sex. Use of buildings for unauthorized purposes/activities is prohibited and can result in dismissal.
  • Emergencies - Any accident, illness or emergencies should be reported to the Residence Life Coordinator/Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Student Health Center, Security or Director of Residence Life.
  • Noise Levels are to be kept to a minimum (see Anti-Noise Ordinance).
  • Side Doors of halls are NOT to be used after 6:30 pm. Students are not to place objects inside doors. Persons who persist in placing objects in doors to keep them open shall be subject to discipline.
  • Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited in residence halls.
  • Pets are not allowed in residents halls. Animals are not to be kept by persons housed on campus.
  • Firearms, Weapons and Drugs are forbidden in residential halls (see Prohibited Behaviors). Violations may result in immediate dismissal from school.
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