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Residential Education

Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) Learning Communities

A group of around 20-25 students who will reside on the same floor/wing because of shared interest. Through this shared interest, students will develop fulfilling intellectual and social relationships. FIGS will consist of Nursing, International & Language, Walk by Faith, QEP, Undecided Majors and Service & Leadership with a focus on Community Service. Each floor/wing will have a resident assistant who is in the same major. (Not every student on the floor will be a part of the LC) Each floor/wing will have various activities such as:

  1. Study groups
  2. Dedicated website for each community
  3. Seminars including time management, resume writing etc.
  4. Common Reading
  5. Interactions with Liaisons assigned to the floors
  6. Campus Life and Community Involvement opportunities
  7. Field Trips

FIG Registration

Housing/Roommate preference forms will be distributed at Summer Orientation to students who have paid their $200 Room deposit through admissions.

Learning Outcomes

FIGS (Freshman Interest Groups) are Learning Communities that will help Bethune-Cookman students acclimate to the community faster and have a sense of belonging while aiding in retention of our students. FIGS seek to enhance and enrich the freshman experience both in and outside of the classroom.

  1. Provide a cohort of students who share the same academic interest with whom they will study, live and work closely together.
  2. Create and develop a sense of responsibility within the Learning Community
  3. Aid students in making a smoother transition from High School to College
  4. Encourage academic engagement and excellence through faculty involvement outside of the classroom
  5. Lead to increased class participation and increased GPAs
  6. Aid in retention efforts and student accountability to increase possibility of graduating in four years

What is FIGS

FIGS Specifications

FIGS Brochure

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