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Consortium Procedures


  1. Speak with your Student Success Coach/Advisor to ensure the classes you plan to take are appropriate and approved.
  2. Obtain a Transient Form from the Registrar (Must have all approved signatures)
  3. At the Other Institution(Host School) you must enroll in the same class or classes that was approved on the transient form.
  4. Complete the Consortium Agreement for the following term:
    1. Fall Consortium Agreement 2017-2018
  5. Take the Transient Form and Consortium Agreement to the “host” school/other institution. Typically it takes three weeks or longer to get all the necessary signatures on a consortium agreement.
  6. Financial aid CANNOT be disbursed without these documents:
    1. Signed and completed Consortium Agreement
    2. Copy of the Bethune-Cookman University Transient Form
    3. Copy of the student’s class schedule from the Host School
    4. Copy of the Tuition and fees statement from the Host School
  7. The consortium agreement will cover only classes for which you have already registered.
  8. If you plan to attend another school for an academic year, you will have to process a consortium agreement for each term (fall, spring and summer).
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