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Office of Legal Affairs

Office of Legal Affairs


The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) manages and supervises all legal matters for Bethune-Cookman University. OLA provides University administrators, faculty and staff with sound legal advice and counseling in the course of their duties on behalf of the University. OLA is led by the University General Counsel, who is the chief legal officer for the University. OLA serves B-CU by:

  1. Advising the President, Cabinet Members and the Board of Trustees where requested;
  2. Providing strategic legal counsel and proactively responding to concerns, as well as when they arise;
  3. Managing legal claims by securing and managing outside consultants
  4. Participating in the development of financial and contractual relationships through negotiating and conceptualizing contractual content; and
  5. Managing and implementing risk management and insurance programming.


The mission of The Office of Legal Affairs is to support the strategic vision of the President through the provision, management, and coordination of legal services that result in a sound legal atmosphere minimized risks and costs, and reduced litigation for the University.

Disclaimer: OLA cannot represent individuals with personal legal matters.*

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