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SSEM Students Inducted Into Honor Society

SSEM 2012 Induction into Sigma Epsilon Mu

On April 25, sixteen students from the School of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (SSEM) honor society were inducted in a ceremony as the inaugural members of Sigma Epsilon Mu.

This society was initiated in the fall of 2011 by Dr. C. Ainsley Davis, assistant biology professor, and several SSEM students.

At the event, biology student Surendra Sharma addressed the new members by acknowledging their accomplishments.

"Acceptance into this society is no easy feat, thus, your accomplishments and dedication to scientific excellence is well received among our prestigious company here today," he said. "We recognize your commitment to excellence and let me be the first to thank you for all of your efforts. Each of you makes the SSEM at B-CU stronger and, as your presence here today tells us, makes our world a better place."

Dr. Davis also addressed the honor society.

"My personal mission in coming to B-CU was to be a proponent of the faculty that trains individuals to pursue excellence in science and to eventually prepare them to be driven to apply to graduate programs in science or medicine," he said. "Furthermore, for I envisioned an environment where students in the SSEM could get together and discuss issues in society today dealing with every area of science, engineering, and mathematics.

"The letters themselves, greek for SEM, are from the very fabric that this society encompasses, science, engineering, and, mathematics."

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