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Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

1)     The African American Experience - Graduates demonstrate an understanding of the foundational social, political, economic, and cultural role African Americans played in the development of the United States.

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2)     Faith - Graduates are able to articulate knowledge of Christian traditions and values, and apply this knowledge to analyze the faith commitments in other world religions.

3)     Reasoning - Graduates are able to reason, analyze, and think critically to solve complex problems quantitatively and scientifically in their professional and personal life.

4)     Moral and Ethical Judgment - Graduates are able to clearly articulate and apply their knowledge of ethics and aesthetic values, particularly in terms of a study of social justice, to determine and defend actions which improve our society.

5)     Knowledge of Human Cultures - Graduates are able to analyze, compare, and assess the values, arts, social structures, and material practices of world cultures.

6)     Literacy and Communication - Graduates are able to use technology to gather and evaluate information in order to interpret and communicate complex ideas using written, oral, and visual media. Graduates are able to use digital environments to communicate and work collaboratively.

7)     Leadership, Service & Entrepreneurship - Graduates demonstrate true servant-leadership in keeping with Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune's imperative that students "enter to learn and depart to serve." Graduates have vision, strategic planning and collaboration skills to translate ideas into action and to promote the growth and well-being of people and communities to which they belong.

8)     Practical Knowledge and Skills - When applying discipline-specific principles, graduates are able to discriminate among possible solutions, selecting and supporting those that take into consideration societal impact (e.g., the health, safety, and empowerment of others).

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