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Support Services Assessment

Administrative Support Services and Academic & Student Support areas typically have outcomes that focus on the critical functions, services, and processes that impact the student learning environment with an emphasis on efficiency, quality, and satisfaction.  The main goals in the assessment of Administrative Support Services and Academic & Student Support Services are to:

  1. document what support of learning is taking place by measuring expected outcomes for each support services unit and,
  2. use the results of assessment activities to improve the student learning environment.

Assessment Cycle

A Continuous Improvement Cycle

B-CU collects assessment data of support services in a staff-driven continuous improvement cycle by adhering to an annual assessment plan, which is a blueprint for how a unit will assess or evaluate over time to if a support services unit is meeting overarching, predetermined outcomes that are directly related to Division Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Assessment Resources: 
Administrative / Academic & Student Support Services

Divisional Reporting Template and Guidelines (KPI Progress) for Vice Presidents
  • Divisional Annual Planning, Budgeting & Assessment Report Guidelines(PDF)
  • Divisional Annual Planning, Budgeting & Assessment Report Template (Word) 

Unit Level Reporting Template and Guidelines (Outcomes Assessment) for Unit AVPs / Directors
  • Support Services - Unit Level Annual Planning, Budgeting & Assessment Report Guidelines (PDF) 
  • Support Services - Unit Level Annual Planning, Budgeting & Assessment Report Template (Word

Additional Resources 
  • Top Strategies for Compiling a Stellar Assessment Report - Summer 2016(PowerPoint
  • Help Me Understand the Basics of Non-Academic Assessment - Summer 2016 (PowerPoint)
  • Ascending to Greatness in Assessment & Strategic Planning - Fall 2015 (PowerPoint
  • Assessment Workshop:  Measuring Quality, Efficiency, & Satisfaction - May 2015(PowerPoint
  • List of Action Verbs for Writing Outcomes (Word)
  • The Administrative Unit Assessment Handbook for Measuring Student Support Services & Administrative Outcomes – UCF (PDF)
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