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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a book suggestion? 
    Books suggestion may be made online or in person. In person, they may be made by completing a suggestion form at the front desk and leaving it with a circulation attendant. Make online book suggestions HERE.
  • The library does not have the book that I need, what do I do?
    First, tell a librarian that you are unable to find the resource you need.  They library may be able to borrow the material from another library via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Depending on the nature of the item, the library may be able to purchase it. Make online purchase suggestions HERE.
  • How do I reserve a conference room?
    Conference rooms may be reserved at the circulation desk or by calling extension 2186.
  • What is the loan period for books?
    The standard loan period for books is 2 weeks. Books may renewed online by accessing the patrons account.
  • How much are book fines?
    Books fines are accessed at $.50 per day/per item.
  • What are the weekend hours?
    Regular weekend hours are as follows: Saturdays- 9a.m.-5p.m. and Sunday- 3p.m.-12a.m.
  • I need help with a research paper, who do I need to see?
    You may call call, e-mail or visit a librarian in-person for assistance. The Reference Librarians during the day Laura Quatrella (x2118; and Betty Story (x2416)  The Evening Reference Librarian is Andre Jansons (x2186;
  • How do I access the online databases from my room?
    If you are anywhere on campus you may log in directly to the databases from the library’s website without a passoword.
  • How do I access the online databases from off-campus?
    Remote access to the resources is available by logging in to the site, using your 6 digit B-CU ID # and the password that you create.
  • How do I reset my password?
    Passwords may be reset by using clicking remote access on the homepage or using the sign in button on the library searchpage.
  • How do I place a book on reserve?
    Faculty may place books and other material on reserve by completing the reserve request form available online, or at the circulation desk. The form and the item(s) being placed on reserve must be turned in to the circulation desk.  The circulation staff will notify the requester when the item has been processed and is available for check out. Fill out the Online Reserve Request Form HERE.
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