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Library Staff

Dr. Tasha Lucas-Youmans
Chief Librarian / Dean of the Library/
Learning Resources Center

Assistant Professor

(386) 481-2181


Dr. Clarissa West-White
Liaison: College of Business and Entrepreneurship and School of Hospitality Management
Bibliographic Instructor / Reference Librarian
(386) 481-2198
Mrs. Laura Quatrella
Liaison: College of Liberal Arts

Bibliographic Instructor / Reference Librarian
(386) 481-2118
Ms. Betty Story
Liaison: College of Online and Professional Studies
Reference Librarian
(386) 481-2416
Mr. Andre Jansons
Reference Librarian
(386) 481-2184
Ms. Geraldine Kohn
Liaison: College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing
(386) 481-2187
Ms. Helen Morey
Liaison: School of Education
Collection Development / Acquisitions Librarian
(386) 481-2417
Mr. Angelo J. Salvo
Liaison: School of Science, Engineering & Math
Interlibrary Loan
Technical Processing Librarian
(386) 481-2189
Mr. Ervin Ross
Liaison: School of Performing Arts and Communication, School of Religion
Director of Access Services
(386) 481-2099


Ms. Patricia Pettus
Administrative Assistant
(386) 481-2415
Ms. Angelynn Bolden
Evening Library Assistant
(386) 481-2186
Ms. Jacqueline Gibson
Evening Circulation Library Assistant
(386) 481-2186
Ms. Cherie J. Houston
Technical Processing Assistant
(386) 481-2185
Mrs. Ballarie Banks Ingram
Circulation Assistant
(386) 481-2186
Ms. Ethel Bush
Circulation Assistant
(386) 481-2186


Dr. Anthony Dixon
(386) 481-2450
Whitney Barrett
(386) 481-2180
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