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Departmental Resources

Departmental Resources:


Academic Infrastructure

The 2013 to 2018 Strategic Plan titled “Ascending to Greatness” of Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) recognizes the global information revolution and the need to create niche areas of academic excellence as a strategy to enhance the quality of B-CU graduates. In accomplishing the goals of the strategic plan, B-CU offers baccalaureate degrees in 37 majors through eight academic colleges and schools –

  • College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
  • College of Entrepreneurship and Business
  • College of Education; College of Health Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts; School of Nursing
  • The College of Online and Professional Stdies
  • School of Communications & Performing Arts

Additionally, master’s degrees are offered in

  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Integrated Environmental Science
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Public Health.

The Public Health program has a concentration on Health Equity.

Community Engagement Rooms

The proposed project will also have has access to conference rooms, classroom and other learning spaces suitable for focus group and community engagement meetings. Classrooms have excellent audiovisual equipment and connection to secure file storage network. The Center for Civic Engagement located on the International Speedway has excellence meeting hosting facilities.

Genomics Facility

Genomics facility includes a suite of resources for genomics research including a Illumina MiSeqDX Genome Sequencing Machine (Purchased through funds from the National Science Foundation).

Equipment for Biomolecular Research

(funded by National Institute for General Medical Sciences). 

Computing and Data Analytics

Investigators have access the diverse types of computers and computer rooms for research purposes. Each academic building is equipped with computer labs suitable for collaborative data analysis and evaluation. In particular, The B-CU Research and Innovation Hub in the Science Building is equipped with the following computer hardware:

  1. 14 Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z All-in-One Desktop with 24” monitors
  2. Sharp Interactive 70" LED-LCD Screen, Software, Built-In PC and Rolling Cart - 70LCTINT Combo
  3. Interactive Ultra-Short-Throw Projector (Mimio 1871741)
  4. HP Color Printer.

Computers have Microsoft Office suite of software. Large-scale printing can be done through a shared use copier machine. Diverse categories of software needed for the project can be installed on the computers. The software include those for visual analytics and usability testing. A total of 30 Lenovo Laptops are available for use in classrooms or learning spaces not equipped with desktop computers.

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