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The Academy of Men in Education

The Academy of Men in Education (AME)AME

The Academy of Men in Education (AME) is a new an initiative by the College of Education; the Academy is designed to assist young men who desire to become educators to be better prepared for the opportunities and challenges in the education field. A total of 30 young men attended the inaugural meeting held in the Fall of 2014. Since then, the Academy has elected an executive board and submitted an official constitution to become a sanctioned campus organization. The male faculty members of the College of Education are serving not only as role models for these young men but also serving in an advisory capacity for the Academy.

The Academy of Men in Education will build a strong bond together and build upon qualities as they matriculate through B-CU. Such qualities include things as acting as moral and upright male/pre-service educators, gaining a sense of professionalism and pride within themselves, and enhance their aptitudes through scholarly deeds and service.

The overriding mission is the development of respect for themselves not only as men but as future educational justice leaders. The men involved in this organization are governed by the principle of respect. Each of the following principles are built around this concept i.e. respect.

•                Respect for the field of education

•                Respect for authority and rule of law

•                Respect for elders

•                Respect for females

•                Respect for other male educators

•                Respect for the power of human potential

•                Respect for pursuit of knowledge for individual improvement

•                Respect for the pursuit of self-reflection of your station in life

•                Respect for others and their opinions

•                Respect for most importantly, respect for ourselves as human beings

It is also the hope that young men interested in this organization will come together and motivate each other to be men of the highest caliber on the campus of B-CU and within the College of Education and ultimately strive to become effective male educational leaders of tomorrow.

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