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Field and Clinical Experiences

Clinical Practices and Field Experiences are an important part of the Teacher Education Program at Bethune-Cookman University. These experiences provide our students with the opportunity to practice and reflect on what they are learning, participate and observe real teachers and students in a classroom setting, and practice the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they have been learning. Throughout the university experience, the Clinical Practices and Field Experiences specifically allow Teacher Candidates to matriculate through three well-sequenced levels of “on-site” practice (Clinical Practices and Field Experiences Handbook, July 2014)

Before any teacher candidate can participate in a clinical practice, field experience, or internship, the student must successfully pass a background check and/or be fingerprinted. Applications for background checks may be obtained from the Teacher Education Institute (TEI) office. The School District’s Application for Clearance requires a driver’s license number, the candidate’s Social Security number, and an explanation of any criminal history. The Teacher Candidate must be granted approval from the TEI office before the candidate can begin any field experience.

By the end of the sophomore year, students are ready to be introduced to a real public school classroom. This introduction takes place in two early education core courses – ED 231 Introduction to Education and ESE 200 Survey of ESE. Teacher Candidates must complete ten (10) hours of field experience in these courses.

In addition to the two early education core courses mentioned above, Teacher Candidates also participate in 10 hours field experience in TSL 370 Principles and Issues in TESOL (which all education majors take) and TSL 440 – Methods of Teaching ESOL (required of English Education, Elementary Education and Exceptional Student Education).

Throughout the junior and senior years, Teacher Candidates continue their field experiences by participating in simulated teaching in college courses and P-12 classrooms experiences. These experiences take place in EDA 352 – Contemporary Teaching Practicum and EDB 352 Practicum B. EDA 352 requires 30 hours of experiences and EDB 352 requires 45 hours.

Further information concerning Clinical Practices and Field Experiences can be found in the Clinical Practices and Field Experiences Handbook.

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