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Prior to First Day of Class

Purchase Textbooks

The B-CU Bookstore is located in the Center for Civic Engagement Complex on W. International Blvd.  For more information or for hours of operation, call (386) 481-2146 or (386) 255-0149.

B-CU ID Card

Your B-CU ID is your access to the campus.  You must be physically present on campus to get your card.  It is not possible to get your card through the Web or through telephone service.

Arrangements will be made with the Center for Information Technology (CIT) to take ID pictures.  Additional information on times and hours will be emailed at a later date.

Wildcat Web

Much of the business you will conduct with the University will be done through the Wildcat Web.  You will use the Wildcat Web to obtain your class schedule, check your grades, print unofficial transcripts, obtain financial aid information, and update your records.   

Activation of your B-CU ID and PIN will be done through the University’s Center for Information Technology prior to the Residency.  Should you have problems with your account (B-CU ID and PIN), contact the B-CU CIT Help Desk at (386) 481-2070 or

Blackboard Account (Username and PIN)

Blackboard is the Learning Management System used for your online courses.

Creation of your Blackboard account will be done automatically through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

To activate your account, go to:

Username = Your B-CU ID*

*Your username must equal nine digits.  If your B-CU ID is not a nine digit number, place zeros in front of the first number as the place holders. (i.e.  000123456)

For help with your Blackboard account, contact the Center for Information Technology at (386) 481-2070 or

B-CU Webmail (E-mail Account)

Your B-CU e-mail account is the official communication vehicle for the University as well as for your academic program. 

To logon to your email account, go to:

B-CU email accounts can be accessed from anywhere in the world by using the B-CU Webmail system.

For help with your e-mail account, contact the CIT Help Desk @ (386) 481-2070 or

Special Note:

Since your B-CU email account is the official email account for Program use, you must ensure that your mailbox is available to receive email. 

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