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Master of Science in Integrated Environmental Science

The Thesis Degree

The thesis-based Master of Science in Integrated Environmental Science (MSIES) at Bethune-Cookman University is an interdisciplinary degree program designed for students who plan to continue for their doctorate or to work in research-based or applied aspects of environmental fields. Students explore environmental topics from a firm grounding in the natural and physical sciences, but learn to integrate social, economic, and political information to develop functional approaches to address ecological and societal issues.

The Non-Thesis Degree

For policy makers, government and agency personnel, or simply those who would like to build depth in their environmental science background, there is an Environmental Science track in the B-CU Master of Science in Transformative Leadership. An interdisciplinary exposure to environmental science is combined with coursework and project work related to group dynamics and leadership to prepare students for futures as environmental decision makers and organizers of all types.

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