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Masters of Organizational Leadership

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (Online)

2021 Best Masters

The MSOL Program was ranked # 1 for the best Master's in Organizational Leadership Program.

If one thinks of those leaders who made a distinctive impact, who changed their organizations, communities and the world for the better, who were ethical and value-centered, who made informed data-driven decisions, who saw things no one else could see, who solved problems few might risk addressing who not only managed but transformed, then one might ask, can this be taught? Is there a place to acquire these skills? Is there a place where leadership is cultivated, and where the sheer effectiveness of a collaborative approach is honed, refined, and understood deeply so as to be applied to the most challenging situations one might face? The master in Organizational Leadership Program is a rigorous four-semester on-line program that unreservedly shows that the answer is yes. 

Special Features

  • Extensive study of leadership strategies
  • Use of "action research" to address real problems
  • The integration of ethics into leadership practices
  • Cohorts where students take courses together and form learning collaboratives
  • Courses are offered Fall and Spring
  • Opportunities are available in each course for live conferencing with the faculty member and other students using video-conferencing technology
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