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Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Elsie W. Wanjohi, Ed.D
Chair, Professor Mass Communications
Fine Arts Bldg F-315
(386) 481-2708

Salvador Victor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Public Relations-Advertising
Fine Arts Bldg F-345
(386) 481-2709

Isaac Caputo
Instructor, Broadcast Production-Radio
Fine Arts Bldg F-329
(386) 481-2722

Valerie Whitney
Instructor,Print Journalism
Fine Arts Bldg F-123
(386) 481-2703

William Berry, Ph.D.
Professor, PR/Advertising
Fine Arts 322
(386) 481-2720

Bruce Clark
Assistant Professor, Broadcast Production-TV
Fine Arts 342
(386) 481-2728

Adjunct Faculty

Tanya Person-Irby
Instructor, Broadcast Production-Television

Glenn M. Walker
Instructor, Radio and Social Media
Fine Arts F-133
(386) 481-2884

Ashley Johnson
Instructor, Broadcast Journalism

Full-Time Staff

Antoinette Noelien
Office Manager, Mass Communications
Fine Arts Bldg F-103
(386) 481-2706

Glenn M. Walker
General Manager/Operations Manager WRWS-FM/WBCC-AM
Fine Arts Bldg F-133
(386) 481-2721

Larry Adderly
Radio Engineer WRWS-LPFM
Mary McLeod Bethune PAC
(386) 481-2160

Marvin Nelson II
Program Director WBCC-AM
Fine Arts Bldg F-137
(386) 481-2730

Andre Channel
Program Director WRWS-LPFM
Mary McLeod Bethune PAC
(386) 481-2883

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