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Cub Paradise Restaurant

Cub Paradise

                                                       Hospitality student carrying food, in the cub paradise restaurant    Hospitality student preparing food, for the cub paradise restaurant

At Bethune-Cookman University, the Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management program provides students with an opportunity to gain realistic and hands-on experience in food production, service, operations and management. Cub Paradise Restaurant (formerly Cub Café) is a student-managed and operated restaurant that provides students with hands-on experiences in managing and operating foodservice facilities both in the ‘front’ of the house and ‘back’ of the house.  Through experiential learning, students plan and price menus, develop themes, create production sheets, recruit and manage staff, engage in the purchasing of supplies, prepare and serve menus, set -up and breakdown the restaurant, complete weekly evaluations, and engage in debriefing sessions. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning not only through hands-on execution, but also in the documented evidence of a manager’s planner.

                                                       Hospitality students discussing food arrangements, for the cub paradise restaurant    Hospitality's cub paradise restaurant  


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