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Code of Professionalism

B-CU Hospitality Management Code of Professionalism  

Professional Development (PD) is an integral component of the Hospitality Management curriculum and is taught in every semester of the 4-yr. program. The courses emphasize and promote the pillars of the Hospitality Management Code of Professionalism – Attitude, Self – Presentation, Preparation, and Self-Conduct for both the benefit and development of the students and the integrity of the Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management (BBSHM). 


Our attitude will:

  • Demonstrate commitment to: learning, BBSHM, B-CU, and the hospitality industry.
  • Consistently display a professional image.
  • Convey vigor, passion, and enthusiasm for hospitality.
  • Project individual personalities without compromising the professional image and integrity of our school.
  • Embrace respect for self and others.

Self – Presentation

We will:

  • Mirror a professional image in the way we attire ourselves. We will dress professionally for PD classes, business classes, upper-level management classes, recruiting events, and all school and university professional-related events such as guest speaker series, alumni day of service, and field trips.
  • Attain and uphold the standards of the business environment.
  • Reflect proper grooming and good personal hygiene.  


We will:

  • Accomplish positive learning experiences by reading course materials, reviewing past lessons, and utilizing the academic resources before attending classes.
  • Enhance our learning experiences and make good impressions on our industry partners, guest speakers, alumni, and recruiters by thoroughly researching the companies and individuals prior to any interaction.
  • Proactively prepare for interviews and engage in meaningful dialogue prior to initiating career applications. 

Self – Conduct

We will:

  • Exhibit respect, appropriate demeanor, proper etiquette and netiquette at all times.
  •  Be accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our faculty, our administration, our school, and our institution for our conduct.
  • Model proper conduct and practice professional greetings when conversing and interacting with industry professionals, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and recruiters.
  • Practice appropriate conduct when writing emails to industry professionals, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, recruiters, prospective employers, and all others.

Our Resolution

Be it resolved that through professionalism, we will ‘stand out from the crowd’ and make a difference in our school, institution, local community, and our industry both individually and collectively. We will walk, speak, and act with dignity, pride, and confidence. By upholding the pillars of the B-CU Hospitality Management Code of Professionalism, we will capitalize on opportunities, make connections, and form relationships to increase our opportunities and integrity of our school.


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