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Professional Development (PD) is an integral component of the Hospitality Management curriculum and is taught in every semester of the 4-yr. program. The courses emphasize and promote the pillars of the Hospitality Management Code of Professionalism – Attitude, Self – Presentation, Preparation, and Self-Conduct for both the benefit and development of the students and the integrity of the Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management (BBSHM). Two of the goals of the professional development course series are to (a) graduate ONLY true hospitality management professionals who are equipped with the tools, skills, attitude, and attributes that drive the character and fiber of success, and (b) to graduate hospitality management professionals in four years or before. The courses include topics such as anchor mentorship, self-management, personal branding, transformational and behavioral leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, social media management, business and professional etiquette and netiquette, the professional me, stress management, goal-setting, and analysis, balancing work and college, self-productivity, career readiness, and more.

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