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Alfred Mall

Dr. Alfred Mall

Alfred Mall is an Assistant professor of Religion in the School of Religion, Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Christian Ministry and teaches courses such as, World Religions, Life and Teachings of Jesus, Understanding Faith, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Understanding Religion in a Global society, and Business ethics.

Alfred Mall received his doctoral degree from Dropsie University/University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. His field of concentration was in the area of Comparative Religions with minors in Arabic language and Medieval Jewish history. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on Islam. He received his B.D. degree from Temple University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Punjab, Pakistan. He also earned an MBA from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA.

Alfred Mall is native of Pakistan and has made United States his home. He has studied languages such as, Arabic, Persian, Greek, and Urdu, Hindi language.

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