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Religious Studies

The Undergraduate Concentration in Religious Studies

Because the University resolves to develop “global leaders committed to service” and to “inculcate an international perspective” that facilitates “a keen appreciation of the new global realities,” Religious Studies has always been a vital part of the B-CU curriculum.  Respect for the inherent dignity and worth of each person demands acknowledgement of his or her religious background and values. In addition, an appreciation of the diversity within religious communities today requires awareness of the history and influence of world religions beyond Protestant Christianity. Important features of this concentration include an emphasis on the African-American religious experience, courses that focus on the interaction of religion and society, and opportunities for field work in a multi-cultural environment.

The concentration in Religious Studies will appeal to a diversity of students who are seeking a global perspective for business, law, ethics, or politics.  With this concentration you will be ready for careers in business, international relations, public policy, community activism, journalism, and social services.  You will also be well prepared for graduate programs in religion, law, or any of the disciplines above.

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