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Religion Dean's Message


A Letter from the Dean

I am delighted that we have come full circle from our start 112 years ago when our founder — Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune — began this institution with five little girls, faith in God and $1.50, to the establishment of a new school of religion today; it is truly the “answered prayer of a dream.”

As we embrace the University’s Strategic Plan of Ascending to Greatness to Build a Better World, I am reminded of our humble beginnings and core principles of — Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service and Thirst for Knowledge — as we develop global leaders who are committed to serve and make a difference like Dr. Bethune who made her mark more than a century ago!

I am especially excited about our curriculum where we will begin offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion, Philosophy and Christian Ministry (pending SACSCOS approval). These three concentrations will appeal to differing needs and varying interests of students: for some will want a more career/vocational oriented program such as the concentration in Christian Ministry, while others will be inclined to continue their studies in the traditional disciplines of Religious Studies or Philosophy.

With the newly added concentration in Christian Ministry, the school of religion will address the needs of students who want to serve the church and related parachurch ministries. This new concentration has been developed to enhance theological training for clergy, ministers, teachers, administrators and others interested in doing ministry, and will offer practical training with a focus on community service.

The future looks very exciting for the offering of masters degrees as well as the exploration of other opportunities not traditionally associated with traditional schools of religion. I remain … 

Very sincerely yours, 

Randolph Bracy, Jr

Randolph Bracy, Jr., M.Div., Ed.D.

Founding Dean

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