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Google Sites

Google Sites

Google Sites gives you single-click page creation for group websites with no need for HTML or programming knowledge. You can customize your Site’s look and feel, and configure settings for accessing and sharing information.

Google Sites can be used for:

  • Department Intranets: Departments can set up an internal Site for procedures, policies, documents, calendars, and team collaboration.
  • Classes: Faculty and students can collaborate and share information quickly and easily.
  • Personal Sites: Display biographies, contact information, research, and publications easily.
  • Group Projects: Teams can communicate and stay organized.
  • Public Calendars: Calendars can be created and embedded in a Site for collaboration purposes, and then added as a calendar to your Google Calendar selection.

How to Create a B-CU Google Site

  1. Visit
  2. If you are not logged in do so with your B-CU Credentials
  3. Click red "CREATE" button
  4. Choose a B-CU Template
  5. Name your site
  6. Choose a URL within the given parameters  
  7. Click "CREATE"
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