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Faculty Banners

Sample Banner

The banners on this page are optimized for your use on B-CU Sites for Faculty pages. Be sure to choose a banner that represents your College or School. 

Choose Your Banner

Download the Banner for you school or college. You may chose Maroon or Gold. Save it to a place on your machine that you will remember. 

College of Education Maroon | Gold
College of Business and Entrepreneurship Maroon | Gold
College of Health Sciences Maroon | Gold
College of Liberal Arts Maroon | Gold
College of Science Engineering and Mathematics   Maroon | Gold
College of Undergraduate Studies Maroon | Gold
School of Graduate Studies Maroon | Gold
School of Nursing Maroon | Gold
School of Performing Arts and Communication Maroon | Gold
School of Professional Studies Maroon | Gold
The Online College Maroon | Gold

How to Update your Banner

  1. Click on "More Actions" Icon
  2. In the left navigation click on "Themes, Colors ,and Fonts"
  3. Select "Background"
  4. Next to "Image" choose the picture icon
  5. Browse to your banner and upload
  6. click on the red "SAVE" button 
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