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Wi-Fi is managed by the division of Infrastructure Services

How to Login to the Student Wi-Fi

To ensure only authorized users are utilizing the University’s bandwidth resources, the Wi-Fi network at Bethune-Cookman University will periodically ask you to login through your web browser.

To access the wireless network, you will need your computer / domain username and password.  This is the same username / password used to login to the lab computers and is different from your Wildcat Web or BCU Email account. 


If your BCU email is your username will be:
  • Example Username - Jane.D.Doe     
  • Do NOT include or


Your initial password is 00 followed by your student ID. If your student ID is 123456, your initial password will be:
  • Example Password - 00123456      or       123456
  • Please do NOT include in your username when you login to the wireless.

WiFi Login


If you have a Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Vizio Smart TV, Google TV, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo you will not have to sign-in with your device.  Once you have successfully connected to BCUStudents or BCUStudent-5GHz, your device will automatically be authenticated and logged in.
Apple TVs will require authentication and have to be logged in using your username and password.  If your Apple TV has a browser installed, you can open the login page and sign in.  If you are having difficulties, please email and include your phone number, residence hall and room number.

BCUStudents vs. BCUStudent-5GHz

If your device supports dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi, you will see an option to connect to theBCUStudent-5GHz network.  The 5GHz band is newer, less susceptible to interference, and supports much faster data rates.  If the BCUStudents-5GHz is an available wireless network option, we recommend that you select the BCUStudents-5GHz network for your Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Wireless Printers

Many consumer grade printers now feature Wi-Fi connectivity.  While these printers may work well in a home environment, experience has shown they do not function well on BCU’s network.  We highly recommend connecting to your printer with a USB cord.  Because these printers work unreliably and unpredictably when connected to the campus Wi-Fi, BCU Center for Information Technology staff does not support Wi-Fi printers.
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