The College of Arts and Humanities is a beacon of African American and Diasporan culture and education to the University and the world.  Majors and minors in the College are many and varied, inspiring and engaging—from performing arts to public relations.

Whichever path you choose at the College of Arts and Humanities, you’ll be part of a community of learners who are diverse, passionate, focused and determined to make their mark. Through excellent, caring teaching and ongoing contact with accomplished professionals, we’ll prepare you to do just that.

Dr. Jan Boulware
Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities
Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities!

We see you for the fearfully and wonderfully made human beings that you already are, and as faculty, we lovingly mold and guide the masterpieces within.

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In the Spotlight

Dr. Claudette McFadden – Professor
“My tenure at Bethune-Cookman University has been nothing short of remarkable and I will forever be grateful for the wealth of opportunities that I have been given over the many years.”
Dr. Claudette McFadden will tell you that Bethune-Cookman is the type of institution where a faculty member’s level of involvement within and outside of the class is limited only by the faculty member’s vision and passion for collaboration.
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Kimberleah Bledsoe – Current Student
“If I can help somebody, then my living will not be in vain.” Kimberleah Bledsoe is making Dr. King’s words real in the lives of the people in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
She is a graduating senior and, as one of the School of Religion’s majors, talks about her experience with genuine appreciation for the content she has learned and the variety of opportunities to actively work on issues important to both individuals and communities.
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