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Goals and Objectives

Goals & Objectives:

The Goals of Bethune Cookman University's(B-CU) Male Development Institute are the following:

  • Strengthen the secondary-to-higher education pipeline to enable many more minority male students to attend college
  • Increase make admission and graduation rates at B-CU
  • Improve the employment prospect for males, particularly minority males after leaving B-CU
  • reduce the attrition rate of men of color at B-CU
  • Establish benchmarks and hold the campus accountable for addressing the needs of males, particularly minority males
  • Provide strong campus leadership on the challenges facing minority youth and men in the greater Daytona Beach Community

The Objectives of B-CU-MDI are the  following:

  • Recruit African American males from diverse socioeconomic population and localities
  • Educate African American males through a structured, tiered program designed to help them navigate the resources(including academic support offices and program, financial assistance, and student life and engagement) that exist at B-CU to be successful
  • Support and challenge men of color at B-CU to achieve academically 
  • Retain African American males at B-CU through continued support programs
  • Promote involvement and inclusion in leadership activities, both on-campus and in the community 
  • Promote community service and engagement
  • Facilitate and promote developmental mentoring


The B-CU Male Development Institute's vision is to create model projects throughout the University that are intended to provide additional layers of academic and social support for students from populations that are severely underrepresented in higher education, particularly minority males. Rhe vision is to provide a platform for holistic development by providing relevant experiences, life enhancement programming, and community partnerships. The Institute employs proven and effective strategies to improve male student engagement, leadership, opportunities, retention, and graduation rates by providing programs and services such as:

  • Living Learning Communities 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Conference participation 
  • Cohort Learning Community(Academic Courses)(B2B)
  • Lecture Series
  • Male book Club (Real Men Read)
  • Film Series
  • Mentor/Tutorial(assistance)
  • Mentoring /Peer Tutoring / Follow up/ Community partnership/ Networking opportunities 
  • Career Exploration
  • Empowerment Summit 
  • Culture Expeditions
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