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B-CU Male Empowerment Summit: (SPRING)

  • The primary purpose of the empowerment summit is to offer positive images, celebrating accomplishments, and discussing pertinent issues that affect the growth and imaging of black males in our community. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that stimulates and promotes excellence and personal responsibility. Students and participants will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts, speakers, and former alumni who have successfully navigated the college experience. The intent is to inspire black male students to attain their academic and professional goals.

B-CUBMI See it Through Film Series: (FALL/SPRING)

  • The film series will consist of documentary film works that will explore a wide range of social issues and topics. The film series will provide a space for students to also discuss these in depth. The overall goal of the film series is to expose students to social issues and provide an atmosphere to think critically to understand how to see it through.

B-CUBMI Fall Trip: (FALL)

  • Every year the Black Male Initiative plan to take male students on a freedom path fall trip to places with deep historical and cultural values. This will be designed to trace the history in places where some of our male trailblazers fought and stood for freedom. These visits are designed to bring about a broader awareness in our males about the struggles and victories gained during the civil rights movement.

B-CUBMI Ascending 2 Greatness Roundtable (A2G) ( FALL/SPRING)

  • The purpose of A2G is to create and ensure a positive atmosphere for the black males and males of other ethnicities on the campus of Bethune Cookman University to truly express themselves with male faculty, staff, and community leaders. The purpose of the B-CUBMI A2G is to manufacture a society in which males have a voice to understand their innate ability to succeed, become knowledgeable and goal oriented. Greatness is where we ascend and endeavor to go, lifting and leading with intention to take 2 or more.  The B-CUBMI A2G will meet every Monday evening from 7:15-8:30pm in Kottle 101.

B-CU BMI Real Men Read (RMR) / Common Reader (SUMMER/FALL/SPRING)

  • The purpose of RMR is to focus on bridging the literacy achievement gap. Its purpose serves to help students apply literacy skills and strategies independently, and to engage students in authentic discussions in which they can analyze their realities in the context of the curriculum and discuss strategies for academic and societal barriers. The overall goal to help reduce the deficiencies in reading skills ultimately, increasing the chances for students to aspire to go to college and more importantly, to complete a college degree.  Each semester a book will be selected and read amongst Black Male Initiative participants. In addition, middle and high school male students within the Volusia County area will be encouraged to join us in reading and discussing the semester’s book. The B-CU BMI males will also serve as mentors to these middle and high school students in the Volusia County area. The B-CUBMI participants will also meet with this group once a semester to have group dialogue pertaining to the literature read in hope to provide motivation, and direction

B-CU Command My Brand (PR) Component: (FALL/SPRING)

  • This is designed to help our young men understand public relations and the power of their brand. This component will consist of training to raise visibility and marketability in the process of building their brand. It will also help our young men understand how to present themselves in an interview or in a public forum. toastmasters for public speaking

B-CU BMI Freshman / Black Male Retreat (FALL)

  • Each fall semester, Black Male Initiative participants, administrators, faculty, staff and community leaders gather to participate in a two-day retreat lodging at an off campus site to focus on self-awareness, academic excellence, manhood, discipline and harmony. These retreats are led by B-CUBMI upper classmen who will encourage and show freshmen how to connect with mentors and role models. The retreat will also strengthen supportive networks and foster a sense of camaraderie with the campus community.

Other Programs Offered:

  • "I GRAD” This program is designed to give our male initiative participants the voice to express themselves regarding the various challenges they have overcome. This program will afford the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of young men graduating from beating the many odds stacked against them i.e. myths, stereotypes, and the many tests of life while endeavoring to succeed.
  • Dare to be Great:  Program designed to challenge our males academically through academic competition. In an effort to increase retention and graduation percentages we challenge our males to compete by major based on the highest G.P.A. percentage, the most community engagement, leadership and the least amount of disciplinary infractions. The major with the highest percentage will be recognized and rewarded for their hardwork.
  • Ascending 2 Greatness Career Guidance / Development:
    In order to support educational endeavors and career aspirations of black males, the Black Male Initiative, in collaboration with Career Development will use the self-assessment test FOCUS 2 and ONET. FOCUS 2 measures each student's values, skills, interest and personality. Employability skills sessions will also be conducted to give career guidance to willing black male freshmen and returning sophomores i.e. mock interviews, resume writing, networking skills and salary negotiating sessions. Career Development will use the results of these test to match students with majors offered at BCU and help them to make informed career choices. 

  • The Power of the Tie Tour: (SUMMER/FALL)


  • The purpose of this program is to focus on the power of friendship and leadership. We realize as men, a black man wearing a tie can be seen as someone in power or someone of importance. The male students of Bethune-Cookman University Black Male Initiatives will use teaching young males in elementary, middle and high school how powerful the tie is.
  • The goal of this program is to teach these young men how to tie a tie and / or bow tie, but use it as a platform to get the true message out. Who are your friends, what are they about, and are they contributing to the success you are aspiring for or are they hindering you.
  • The Power of the Tie tour will visit schools in the surrounding area of Volusia County. In addition, a message about the power of friendship will be imparted with a tie / bow tie given to each individual who participate. Ultimately, this will help them to remember and understand the importance of who they are tied to. It is our hope that they understand that “The Tie that Binds, Tied to Success” are individuals who contribute to your success and not stop your forward progress.
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