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  • Exemplifying Academic Excellence, Leadership and Professionalism

  • Mission: Ensure the development of male population at Bethune- Cookman University through
    academic excellence, personal development and community engagement.


  • "It’s not just an organization, it’s an opportunity.”


A brotherhood based on Academic Excellence, Personal Development, and community engagement. Black Males in Higher Education Think Tank was founded in the fall of 2006 by the Vice-President of Students Affairs. Throughout the years this organization has brought a number of activist and leaders from the black community to contribute to the male empowerment on this university. Black Males Think Tank aims to cultivate male students to foster a positive attitude by promoting exemplary character, brotherly fellowship, service and personal integrity.


Expand the holistic development of male students at the institution and the community in order
to improve the quality of mankind. Black Males Think Tank seeks to prepare male leaders
through empowerment and guidance for the betterment of society.


Ensure the development of male of population at Bethune-Cookman University through
Academic Excellence, Personal Development, and Community Engagement.

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