During our assessment phase, we learned that multiple administrative offices are typically involved in student support processes, resulting in students and staff being shuffled between offices (the Wildcat Shuffle). Students find this challenging and time-consuming, leading to missed messages and stressful delays. When students experience a financial issue, it can be unclear where or whom to go to first to resolve the problem. Additionally, administrative staff in these areas rely on information and decisions generated by other offices and functions but often lack easy access. The Wildcat 360 Solution Center was formed to alleviate the administrative burden on students and staff, allowing students to focus on their academic journey while at B-CU.

The Wildcat 360 Solution Center is a centralized, modernized, and integrated student services operation and is an important piece of our overall student experience. The Wildcat 360 Solution Center officially opened its doors to the campus in March 2022 using a student-centered solution-focused approach with a knowledgeable and highly trained cross-functional student support services team.

The Wildcat 360 Solution Center is a major component of the Division of Enrollment Management & Student Experience and also features the Wildcat 360 Call Center and the Wildcat 360 Solution Stations. These were created to improve student services through the enhancement of processes and systems in undergraduate admissions, financial services, academic support, and housing.

The Call Center provides students with real-time responses and access to Student Support Specialists in all areas of student support. Our Solution Stations (information booths) are strategically positioned on campus (Wendel P. Holmes and Rufus & Janice Wilson Buildings) where students can get in-person assistance and accessible online resources for offices across the division.

Our goal is to optimize our services through technology that will support growth and change, effectively enhance the quality of customer service and provide innovative solutions regarding the demands of our students.