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Cassandra Abrams
Director of Academic Support for Student-Athlete Services

Deneen Adams
Residence Life Coordinator

Larry Adderly
FM Radio Engineer

Nabil Ahmed
Computer Support Technician

Kaduabu Ajongbah
Instructor, Education (PE)

Abraham Alamahodaei
Adjunct Instructor

Clarissa Alexander-Smith
Office Manager, Physical Plant

Reverend David Allen
Assistant Professor, Religion

Dr. Janice Allen-Kelsey
Director of Academic Program Assessment and Analysis

Kevin Allen Nash
Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor

Tracey Almon

Dr. Lorna Alvarez-Rivera
Adjunct, Criminal Justice

Edrico P. Ambrister
Manager for Student Organizations, Programming and Fraternity and Sorority Life

Selena Ambush
Adjunct School of Performing Arts

Asia Anuwa
Instructor, Mathematics

Mussett Apollon
Instructor, Mathematics

Scott Armstrong
Director of Sports Medicine

Asia-Lige Arnold
Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Aqil As-Salil
Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science

Sarah Austin
Financial Aid Counselor

Dr. Ahmed Badi
CSEM Department Chair

Marie Baldwin

Dr. Cecily Ball
Assistant Professor, Leadership

Robin Banks
Secretary, Teacher Education Institute

Sajida Barmeda
Research Coordinator

Dr. Karen Bearden
Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer

Alson Been
Application Specialist

Sherri Beltrami
Admissions Processor/International Student Coordinator

Dr. William Berry
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost

William Bliss
Campus Safety Officer

Kimberly Lyn
Director of Student Services Initiatives and Conduct

Angelynn Bolden
Circulation Assistant, Evening

Dr. Sidney Bolden, Jr.
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Davita Bonner
Director, Career Development

Sandra Booker
Senior Associate Director, Athletic

Kristin Boswell

Dr. Jan Boulware
Interim Dean, College of Art and Humanities

Kim Bouzianis
Public Safety Officer

Eulissa Boyd
Administrative Assistant to the President

Taniqua Boyd
Campus Safety Dispatcher

Dr. Randolph Bracy Jr.
Director, School of Religion

Dr. Vanessa Briscoe
Adjunct Professor for The College of Aging

Rashid Brittain
Adjunct Professor, College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Shawna Brooks
Program Coordinator

Angela Brown
Adjunct Instructor, Nursing

Carol Brown
Coordinator of Transfer Student Services

Kendra Brown
Retention Specialist

Marcus Brown
Assistant Track & Field Coach

Sandra Brown
Director, Student Account Services

Sonya Brown
Residence Life Coordinator

Aljen Bryant
Residence Life Coordinator

Dr. Richard Buckelew
Associate Professor History & Social Science Educ.

Xavier Burch
Online Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice

Latoya Raniece Newell Burke
Assistant Professor, Business Law

Earl Burney Jr.
Assistant Professor, Business

Radecki Burns
Database Administrator

Avis Butler
ONS Success Coach

David Bynum
Online Adjunct

Dr. Juan Calderon
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Ann Marie Cameron
Administrative Assistant

Isaac Caputo
Instructor, Mass Communications

Jose Carballo
Assistant Baseball Coach

Kelly Carey
Instructor Mathematics

Ethel Carswell
Circulation Assistant

Raymond Carswell
Director of Transportation

Luis Chacon
Adjunct, Spanish

Dr. Michael Chambers
Adjunct, Religion

Rudy Chamble
Student Accounts Generalist

Anthony Chapman
Executive Assistant/Coordinator, Wildcat Health Professions Academy

Dr. Hyun Jung Cho
Professor, Integrated Environmental Science

Akeemia Clements
Adjunct Instructor, School of Performing Art and Communications

Joseph Coleman
Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Valerie Collman
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Louis Colombo
Assistant Professor Philosophy

Elizabeth Congdon
Assistant Professor, Biology

Jessica Cooks
Human Resource Generalist

Donald Cooper
Director, Track & Field

Mary Corliss
Assistant Professor, English

Thometta Cozart
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

Degion Craddock
Instructor Business Administration

Shantell Thompson
Executive Director of Special Programs & University Ombudsman

Ronald Curtis
Online Adjunct

Billy "Malik" Dajuste
Director Of Admissions and Recruitment

Kelvin Daniels

Jennifer Dash
Director of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation

Abbie Davis
Retention Specialist

Dr. Barbara Davis
Assistant Professor, Religion

Christopher Davis
Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

Jocelyn Davis
Student Accounts Representative

Sharonda Davis
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Sheila Davis
Assistant Professor, Counseling

Dominique Dubose
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

Dr. Manuel DeLeon
Assistant Professor, Political Science and International Studies

Rashanda Denson
Program Manager and Instructor/Internship Coordinator

Kimberly Dickerson
Online Adjunct

Richard Dicks
Adjunct, Criminal Justice

John DiNardo
Director - Infrastructure Support Services

Debbie Dionne
Coordinator of Multicultural Student Services

Teresa Dodge
Admissions Processor Assistant

Jamie Donnelly
Online Adjunct

Dewayne Dubose
Assistant Professor, Health and Exercise Science/ Athletic Training

Detis Duhart
Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator

Karen Duncan
Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

Elijah Eleby
Facilities Technician

Joshua Erickson
Student Accounts Generalist

Shaila Estes
Senior Counselor / Financial Aid

Veronica Evans
Interim Director, Financial Aid

Tangela Facen
Benefits Coordinator

Jeffrey Fagan
Chief of Staff, Football Operations

Sametris Ferguson
Counselor (LMHC)

Nancy Ferratto
HR File Clerk

Major Earl Filmore
Director of Military Services

Corliss Fingers
Director, strength and conditioning

Dr. Earnest Fingers
Director of Student Life and Activities

Mu-tor Flood
Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology

Jimmie Flores
Adjunct Instructor

Harold Ford
Radio Station Operations Manager

Dr. Jeannette Ford
Associate Professor

Kenya Ford
Adjunct, Psychology

Dr. Walter Fordham
Professor,Physical Education

Kyanna Formor
Public Safety - Sergeant

Tasha Foster
Admin Assistant College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Conrad Francis
Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance & ISM

Sam Francois
Circulation Desk Assistant

Daniel Frank
Staff Accountant

Carl Franks
Assistant Coach, Football

Dr. Darryl Frazier
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Leadership & Administrative Sciences

Dr. Deborah Freckleton
Associate Professor, English

Justice Freeman
Residence Life Coordinator

Villajean Freeman
Administrative Assistant

Valencia Gallon-Stubbs, Esq.
Acting General Counsel

Serena Garcia
Adjunct Instructor, School of Performing Art and Communications

Bradley Gardner
Instructor, International Studies

Kristy Garner
Imaging Coordinator

Arlene Garrick
Program Coordinator/Adjunct

Adrienne George
Adjunct Instructor Integrated Environmental Sciences & Biology

Theresa Gergela
Adjunct, English Instructor

Elaine Gerty
Front Office Manager

Sameh Ghareeb
Assistant Professor Nursing

Jamie Gibson
HR Generalist

Miron Gilbert
Online Adjunct, Forensic Science

Chelsea Gilliam
Head Women's Bowling Coach

Robert Glick
Assistant Professor, Mathematics/Lead

Atreyee Gohain
Assistant Professor, English

Farahnaz Golroo
Adjunct Professor for School of Computer Science & Engineering Departmet

Dr. Rose Grace
Associate Professor, Music

Tiara Grace
Residence Life Coordinator

Dorthy Graves

Cynthia Gray
Director, Student Accessibility Services

April Gray
Nursing Instructor

Tammy Gray
Data entry/ Analyst

Ashley Gregory
Executive Assistant to Dean of CSEM

Dr. Ryan Griffin, Ed.D.
Assistant A.D. for Student-Athlete Services

Theresa Guest

Leticia Guice
Assistant Professor/Coordinator of TESOL

Leonard Guida
Instructor, English

Dr. Eranna Guruvadoo
Associate Professor, Computer Science

Chevelle Hall
Adjunct Instructor, Health Services

Ossie Hall
Supervisor, Records

Dr. Jo-Ann Halloran
Assistant Professor/ Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator

Dr. Stephan Hamil
Assistant Professor, English

Andrea Hampton
Financial Aid Coordinator, Scholarship and Loan Compliance.

Derrick Harris

Ada Harvey
Adjunct Instructor, Natural Science

Janet Hawkins
Public Safety Officer

Darrin Hayes
Assistant Coach, Football

Dr. Albert Hayward II
Assistant Prof, Biology

Milton Heflin, Jr.
Academic Support Technician

Anna Hein
Director, Administrative Systems

George Henry
Director of Tennis

Denise Henson
Adjunct Education, PE

Dr. Deborah Henson-Governor
SOR / YTI / EGG Director

Jonathan Hernandez
Head Baseball Coach

Bryan Hicks
Resident Athletic Trainer

Yvette Hill
Post-Award Grants Coordinator

Keith Hilton
Assistant Professor, Mass Communications/Department Chair

Robert Hinckley
Adjunct, Music

Dr. Adeljean Ho
Postdoctoral Fellow

Patricka Hogue
Online Adjunct/Business

Devounte Ho-Hing
Web and Graphic Developer

Dr. Daniel Hollar
Department Chair, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Darlene Holmes
Executive Assistant

Yvette Holmes
Associate Professor of Marketing

Vanessa Holtgrave
Online Adjunct

Jason Hood
Instructor, Communication Studies

Robert Hoople
Adjunct, Psychology

Lorene Butler-Hope
Instructor, Criminal Justice

Winston Hope
Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice

Jacquelyn Hopkins-Gibson
Circulation Assistant

Cherie Houston
Technician Processing Assistant

Lekita Howard
Adjunct, Reading

April Hudson
Success Coach

Michael Humphreys, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Ethics

M. Shawn Hundley
Assistant Professor, Music (Piano Theory/Composition) Dept Chair

Janice Hunter
Staff Accountant, Payables

Dr. Raphael Isokpehi
Professor, Biology

Kofi Jack
Director, Client Services

Jesusa Jackson
Online Adjunct Instructor - Speech and Communications

Keith Jackson

Leighetta Jackson
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Ronald Jackson II
Adjunct Instructor, History

Kennedy Jacobs
Adjunct, Religion & Philosophy

Cornelius James
Network Operator

Hubert James II
Senior Associate Registrar

Andre Jansons
Evening Reference Librarian/Instructor

Thomas Jelneck
Director of Marketing and Communication

Dr. Ashley Jennings
Interim Department Head

Dr. Wesley Jennings
Adjunct, Criminal Justice

Dr. Julius John
Associate Professor, Speech Communication & Theatre Arts/Director of Theatre

Angel Johnson
Student Accounts Generalist

Dr. Carol Johnson
Institutional Assessment and Program Evaluation Coordinator

Cheryl J. Johnson
Seasonal Adjunct

Ethan Johnson

Johnny Johnson
Assistant Professor, Accounting/ Finance

Matilda Johnson
Assistant Professor

Sandra Zow-Johnson
Financial Aid Counselor

Dr. Winifred Johnson
Assistant Professor, History

Caralee Jones
Online Adjunct Instructor - Sociology

Charles Jones
Associate Coach, Football - Defensive Coordinator Linebackers

Mark Jones
Adjunct, Sociology

Nelson Jones
Instructor, Nursing

Nichole Jones
Interim Department Chair

Dr. Stephen Jones
Assistant Professor, Humanities

Dr. Vivian Jones
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Montez Kaufman
Adjunct Instructor, Religion

Perry Keel
Residential Life Coordinator

Vertellis Kendrick
Director, Gospel Choir

Sean Kennick
Instructor, English

Dr. Yungkul Kim
Assistant Professor

Melissa Kindy
Adjunct Professor, Music

Narda Kingston
Adjunct, Hospitality

Dr. Marcey Kinney
Assistant Professor, Exceptional Student Education

Fanita Kirkland Lewis
Executive Assistant to the President

Sheila Kogan
Executive Assistant, Admissions

Grace Kouadjo
Project Manager/ Application Analyst

Sarah Krejci
Assistant Professor

Courtney Kwaku

Latricia Kyle
Online Adjunct

Joseph Labarbera
Adjunct Instructor/Mass Communication

James Lai
Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Earl Lane
Assistant Coach football - Defensive/Secondary

Terrance Lane
Director, Concert Chorale

Karen Lawrence
Admissions Processing Supervisor

Dr. Daniel Lawson
Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Kayla Lee
Academic Coordinator

Carla Lester
Associate Professor, Speech Communication, Theatre Arts/ Dance

Kiana Lewis-Francois
Biology/Lab Manager

Ryan Lewis
Special Teams Coordinator/Linebacker Coach

Janaina Lopez
Adjunct, Spanish

Chad Lucas
Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers

Lani Luers
Assistant Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Matthew Luers
Resident Athletic Trainer

Lisa Lugo
Adjunct, Gerontology

Sean Lyn
Director of Alumni Affairs

Jose Macia
Adjunct, English

Dr. Alfred Mall
Assistant Professor, Religion

Charles Mallory
Culinary Lab Instructor, Hospitality Management

Dr. Cheryl A. Manning
Adjunct, Social Science

Dr. Camesha Manzueta
Director of BJ Moore Center Faculty Innovation/Associate Professor

Dr. Baraka Mapp
Assistant Professor, Biology

Jorge Antonio Martinez-Soto
Instructor, Mathematics

Mayra Martinez
Director - Grants Management

Dr. Rondrea Mathis
Assistant Professor, English

Harriet McBride
Staff Account, Payable

Junell McCall
Associate Director, Career Services| Adjunct Professor, College of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Dorcas McCoy
Associate Professor, Political Science & International Studies

Kevin McCrary
Financial Aid Senior Coordinator, Processing

Lawal McCray
Assistant Coach/ Recruiting Coordinator

Oakland McCulloch
Army ROTC Recruiter

Belinda Watkins
Executive Assistant for the Acting General Counsel

Howard McEver
Online Adjunct Instructor - Criminal Justice

Dr. Debbie McGregor
Assistant Professor, Nursing

Dr. Paula McKenzie
Associate Professor, Speech Communications, Theatre Arts

Deshawn McKinney
Special Assistant to the VP of Intuitional Advancement

Jermaine McKinney
Director, Male Development Initiatives

Gia McMillan
Adjunct College of Liberal Arts

Samuel McMillon
Student Success Coach

Renee Mercer
Instructor of English

Gerard Merritt
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Ana Metcalfe
Adjunct, Spanish

Martine Michel
Senior Counselor / Financial Aid

Timothy Mirtz
Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Physical Education/Secondary Education

Leighetta Jackson
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of Education

Lemondric Mobley
Adjunct Instructor, Political Studies

Kelley Montalvo
Assistant Softball Coach

Jose Maria Moreno-Carrascal
Assistant Professor of Spanish & English

Helen Morey
Collections Development/Acquisitions Librarian

Elbert Morgan
Public Safety - Sergeant

Gar Morris
Public Safety Officer

Rochelle Morris
Instructor, English

Sally Mose
Student Accounts Representative / Refund Coordinator

Tammie Mugala
RL Operation Specialist

Kennedy Ndukwe
Campus Safety Officer

Martine Levy Nelson
Instructor of Mathematics

Marvin Nelson II
Broadcast Technician

Dr. Randy Nelson
Department Chairperson and Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Dr. Chris Newcomb
Assistant Professor, Religion and Philosophy

Sonja Nicholas
Adjunct, Instructor Nursing

Brandon Nightingale
Archival Coordinator

Dr. Joyce Nki
Associate Professor, Religion & Philosophy

Glenda Noel-Ney
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Dr. Kekeli Nuviadenu
Associate Professor, Speech Communication & Theatre Arts

Ferdinand Nwafor

Dr. Morrison Obeng
Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science

Dr. Jyl O'Brien-Williams
Clinical Education Coordinator/ Assistant Professor

Pedro Orey
Instructor, Music/Program Researcher/Improving Music Education

Cheri Orr
Assistant Director of the Miller Center

Dr. Adelia Parrado-Ortiz
Associate Professor of Spanish

Steven Owens
Adjunct, Health Sciences

Dr. Anthony Owens
Director of Housing and Residence Life

Gaje Papponetti
Network Administrator

Kenneth Parker
Adjunct Professor

Mellessa Pascal

Dr. Narendra Patel
Senior Advisor to the President for Accreditation, Quality Control, Compliance and Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Ranjna Patel
Professor, Leadership and Administrative Sciences/Department

Nels Pate
Director of Risk Management and Insurance

Franklin Patterson
Vice-President for General Services and Information Technology

Sanjay Paul
Online Adjunct

Dr. Ian Payton
Professor, Psychology

Richard Peacock
Dept. Chair/Assistant Professor

Evangeline Pearson
ONS Success Coach

Prince Pearson
Assistant Football Coach, Guards & Center

Dr. Rokaisha Pelham
Adjunct Instructor, Business Administration

Dr. Allen Pelley
Assistant Professor/Department Chair, Mathematics

Patricia Pettus
Administrative Assistant/Dean Library Sciences

Alicia Phillips
Executive Assistant to the Provost

Julieanne Phillips
Adjunct, Psych

Monica Pires
Instructional Course Designer

Dennis Pires
Interim Dean, College of Business and Entrepreneurship

John Pittman
Vice President for Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer

James Poitier
Instructor Music/Associate Director, Bands

Sylvester Polk
Instructor, Music Technology

Dr. Masood Poorandi
Professor, Computer Science & Math/Dept. Chair

Lawana Postell-Walden
TEI Coordinator, Instructor of Education

Dr. Hiram Powell
Interim President

Gary Price
Executive Director of Campus Safety

Dr. Eugene Pringle
Interim Director of Education

Bridgette Pulliam
Online Adjunct Instructor

Laura Quatrella
Instructor, Bibliographic/Reference Librarian

Dr. Shams Rahman
Assistant Professor, Health Science

Dr. Shirma Ramroop-Butts
Assistant Professor

George Ramsey
Counselor (LMHC)

Sonya Rawlins
Administration Assistant to the Director of the School of Nursing

Curtis Rayam Jr.
Instructor, Music (Voice)

Paula Reed
Adjunct, Speech Communications

John Reeves
Campus Photographer/Yearbook Editor

Kathy Reeves
Administrative Assistant / PAC Events Coordinator

Lester Reid
Online Adjunct College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Michael Reiter
Department Chair Environmental Science

Donald Reyes
Mens Basketball Assistant Coach

Karl Richards
Accompanist-Concert Chorale / Adjunct, Music

Eunice Rios
Adjunct, Instructor Nursing

Zelma Ritchie-Rowley
Adjunct, Sociology

Dr. Douglas Rivero
Adjunct, Leadership Studies

Christine Robinson
Instructor Nursing

Craig Robinson
Director, Recreational Services

Dr. Irving Robinson
Assistant Professor, Biology

Lakiah Robinson
Football Admin Assistant

William Rodriguez
Assistant Professor, Religion & Philosophy

Thomas Roper
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Derek Rose
Associate Professor of Aero Studies Air Force ROTC

Dr. Timothy Rosenberg
Adjunct, Music

Ervin Ross Jr.
Director, Access Services

Dr. Samuel Rowley
Assistant Professor, Music Education

Dan Ryan
Historian/Senior Writer for Athletic Communications

Angelo Salvo
Technical Processing Archivist

Ebony Sampson-Hilbert
Mary McLeod Bethune Foundation Coordinator

Nathan Sand
Adjunct, Mass Communication

Edgar Santiago
Public Safety - Sergeant

Suzan Sarhan
Instructor, English

Roy Savoca
Adjunct Instructor, Comp Science

Barbara Scarbough
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Linda Scola
Associate Professor, Sociology

Theodora Scott
Athletic Trainer

Dr. Leslie Sena
Associate Professor, Exceptional Student Education

Sulakshana Sen
Adjunct Instructor College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Julius Sessoms
Public Service Officer

Christopher Shaw
TV Technician

Chelsea Washington
Director of Title III

Adam Shelton
Director Ticketing Operations

Euphemia Shelton
Instructor, Spanish

Dr. Camaille Shepard
Success Coach

Wayne Shepard
Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology

Dr. Joanna Showell
Associate Professor, Mass Communications

Tamala Simmons
Assistant Instructor, English

Gloria Sims-Brown
Office Manager

Terry Sims
Head Coach, Football

Edward Singleton
Director, Miller Center

Seenith Sivasundaram
Professor of Mathematics

Theresa Slicer
Adjunct, Instructor Nursing

George Sloan

Ruth Smith
Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management

Sara Smith
Public Safety Officer

Tavin Smith
Media Specialist

Lisa Sogunro
Assistant Controller

Jae Song
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Darryl Spain
Manager, Telecommunications

Dr. Donald Spence
Assistant Professor, Biology

Glendoria Stephens
Adjunct, Psychology

Laura Stewart
Instructor, English & Humanities

David Stork
Adjunct, Music

Betty Story
Instructor, Bibliographic/Reference Librarian

Casandra Stroy
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Harry Styles
eLearning Administrator

Joyce Styles
Head Cashier

Allen Suber
Assistant Coach/Wide Receiver

Rusha Sullivan
Manager, Payroll

Dr. Ugur Tanriver
Associate Professor, Math

Dominique Taylor
Associate Head Coach, Men's Basketbal

Katrina Taylor
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Reginald Thomas
Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Student Athlete Services

Timothy Thomas
Staff Accountant / System Analyst

Bridgette Thompkins
OAE Instructor

Joan Thompson
Assistant Professor/Retention Specialist(TEI)

Dr. Herbert Thompson
Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics

Lynn Thompson
Vice President, Athletics

Stephanie Thompson
Director of Academic and Compliance Initiatives

Johnny Tima
Executive Security Officer

Shawna Tindell
Instructor School of Nursing

Jason Torbert
Public Safety Officer

Dr. Hector Torres
Associate Professor, Secondary/Physical Education

Zohaniris Torres
Visiting Instructor, Music

Dr. Vishwa Trivedi
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Michelle Troian
Instructor, Accounting

Dr. Roberta Troy
Interim Provost

Dr. Sandra Tucker
Director, School of Nursing

Robert Turner
Director of Web & Digital Strategies

Deborah Vance
Instructor, Psychology

Ursulyne Van Meter
Adjunct, Music

Daniel Venema
Assistant Golf Coach

Salvador Victor PhD
Associate Professor, Mass Communications

Lawana Walden
Coordinator, Teacher Education Institute/Instructor, Education

Antonio Walker
Campus Safety Officer

Glenn Walker
Manager, Radio Station Operations

Glennika Walker
Resident Athletic Trainer

Sharon Walker
Instructor, Physical Education

Dr. Williams Wallenberg
Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

Dr. Helena Walrond
Professor, Education

William Warnick
Adjunct, Music

Laura Watten
Head Coach, Softball

Demetrius Weaver
Academic Coordinator II

Dr. Arlesia Welch
Executive Director for Human Resources

Donovan Wells
Instructor, Music/Director, Bands

Sophia West
Adjunct - College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Yolanda West
Adjunct Professor

Felicia Wheaton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Aging Studies

Dr. Clarissa West-White
Bibliographic Instructor / Reference Librarian

Dr. Devonte White
Criminal Justice Instructor

Dr. Headley White
Associate Professor

Andrea White-McNeil
Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management

James Whitener
Assistant Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rashanda White
Purchasing Agent

Valerie Whitney
Instructor, Mass Communications

Lillie Wiggins
Director of Travel & Expense / Credit Card Compliance

LaSonja Williams
Residence Life Coordinator

Constance Wilkerson
Administrative Assistant to Dean

Christine Wilkinson
Coordinator of the Retention Center

Dr. Deanne Williams-Bryant
Director, School of Hospitality Management

Amy Williams
Instructor, Accounting

Brittany Williams
Head Coach, Volleyball

Donna Williams
Administrative Assistant

James Williams
Online Adjunct

Terry Williams
Assistant Coach football-Defensive/ Secondary

Dr. Torrance Williams
Assistant Professor/Director Athletic Training

Dr. Danyell Wilson-Howard
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Kaylynn Wilson
Research Assistant

Lorna Wilson
Instructor, Nursing

Keila Wolfe
Office Manager

Dr. Alice Wood
Associate Professor, Religion & Philosophy

Dr. Frank Wood
Criminal Justice Instructor

Ida Wright
Assistant Professor

Mark Wright
Senior Instructional Technologist

Dr. Xiaohe Wu
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Alvin Wyatt Jr.
Coordinator, Athletic Facilities

Tasha Youmans
Dean, Library / Chief Librarian

Aisha Young
Adjunct, Criminal Justice

Sarah Young
Adjunct, Flute

Dr. Kideste Yusef
Department Chair, Justice and Political Studies

Dr. Tseleq Yusef
Assistant Professor, History

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