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Complaint Form

Bethune-Cookman University Complaints Policy

Bethune-Cookman University believes strongly in the ability of students to express concerns regarding their experiences at the University. The University encourages its students/guardian who wish to file a written complaint to submit that complaint directly to the department of financial aid. A student who is unsure as to the official responsible for handling his or her particular complaint may contact the office for directions. For complaints that are not satisfactorily resolved at the department level or which seem to be broader than one department, students are encouraged to submit those complaints to one of the following locations:

Complaint Form 

The purpose of the Dynamic Forms is to assist students in resolving problems and conflicts that arise in the course of interacting with Bethune-Cookman University. By considering problems in an unbiased way, the Dynamic Forms works to achieve a fair resolution and works to protect the rights of all parties involved.

The Dean of Students Office works with students, faculty, and families to address a broad range of complaints either through directly assisting the student involved to resolve the issue, working with the student to contact the appropriate personnel, or referring the student to resources or offices that can directly address the issue. Follow up is provided to the student until the situation is resolved.

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