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Financial Aid Suspension

Financial Aid Suspension – Not Making Satisfactory Progress (NMSP)

If the student is not meeting the minimum grade point average (quantitative) and/or has not earned the minimum number of credit hours required (qualitative) after the financial aid warning period (one semester), he/she is no longer eligible to receive financial aid; therefore, the student’s financial aid is suspended.  The student is notified of this status from the Office of Student Financial Aid.  The student must now pay for B-CU expenses out-of-pocket or successfully appeal for federal financial aid (see Appealing the Loss of Financial Aid Eligibility).

Code of Federal Regulation:

34 CFR 668.2, 34 CFR 668.2(b), 34 CFR 668.16, 34 CFR 668.16(e), 34 CFR 668.16, 34 CFR 668.32(f), 34 CFR 32, 34 CFR 668.34
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