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Regaining Eligibility to Receive Title IV Funds

Regaining Eligibility to Receive Title IV Funds

To regain eligibility, students should meet with a retention specialist or student success coach in the College of Undergraduate Studies for guidance on what courses at B-CU or an another institution would be most appropriate to regain GPA or pace of progression to meet standards.  Students who are denied must be able to show that they are capable of maintaining at least a 2.5 or better GPA for two consecutive semesters before financial aid can be reinstated.

  • Pace of progression:  The student should successfully pass transferable courses at an external institution and transfer those credits back to Bethune-Cookman University.  Transfer credits are included in the pace of progression calculation.
  • GPA:  The student should re-take failed courses and pass additional courses at B-CU at their own expense.  Transfer hours are not included in the GPA calculations.
  • Re-admitted:  The student must take six (6) credit hours at his/her own expense, either at B-CU or another institution for one semester showing an earned GPA of 2.5 or higher and 100% pace of progression (passing all courses), as documented in official transcripts.


Students are notified of their SAP status and appeals process at the end of each semester through the University and/or student provided email addresses.

Missing Documents

All documents must be completed and submitted by the Priority Document Deadline Date of March 24th annually.  Failure to submit all required documents will further reduce award amounts. 


Students on SAP with an Appeal Approval will be awarded for the one semester at a time.  Students must be evaluated at the end of every semester for eligibility. If deadline for required documents are not met, aid will not be processed.

Disbursement of Aid

Students on SAP with an Appeal Approval must submit all required documents before financial aid will be disbursed.  The Academic Recovery Plan must be completed and signed by the student and the academic advisor before awards will be released.  All financial aid will be processed in two disbursements 30 days apart. 

Code of Federal Regulation:

34 CFR 668.2, 34 CFR 668.2(b), 34 CFR 668.16, 34 CFR 668.16(e), 34 CFR 668.16, 34 CFR 668.32(f), 34 CFR 32, 34 CFR 668.34
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