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LaVeta Hayes

Why I Give to Bethune-Cookman University

LaVetaOur stakeholders are the many alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, and their parents who give to the University. Their generosity makes our work possible.
LaVeta Hayes-Logan, 1980, Accounting

"To those of you with your years of service still ahead, the challenge is yours. Stop doubting yourselves. Have the courage to make up your minds and hold your decisions. Refuse to be BOUGHT for a nickel, or a million dollars, or a job!"- Mary McLeod Bethune

B-CU is a major contribution to my success in my life and in my career. It has been very important for me and my family to instill and to maintain the valued legacy of Mary McLeod Bethune. I continued this legacy my parents started, receiving the Total Family Award in 1980.

I believe in the gift of a valuable education, which I received from BCC. I'm able to share my great experiences and values throughout my life. When you let your friends and family know your passion and love for the school, I've truly embraced "Enter To Learn Depart to Serve."

I believe in the gift of gratitude and I am very grateful for all that B-CU has done for me. My 37-year government career started while a co-op student at B-CU. For that reason, I am blessed to give back to support the school.

I believe in the the gift of giving. The opportunity to help others is very important to me. The reality is, when you donate your money, you are helping others who need it and for that I am thankful. Making a real impact can infuse your everyday life with more meaning.

I believe in the gift of service. I volunteered for many years with the Alumni Day of Service initiative, another form of giving back to the University and support of the current students. It's so rewarding when students stop you and acknowledge you as an alumnus reaching out and remembering the words of wisdom you've shared with them.

I believe in the gift of mutual benefits (tax deductions). Donating is a great way to reduce the amount of money you send off to Uncle Sam, and for a good cause.

I believe in the gift of leaving legacies. I am president/CEO of Living Legacies with LaVeta Logan, Inc. as the result of my father, Edward “Creamy” Hayes, Jr.'s untimely passing February 2019. To honor his legacy that touches so many people, Living Legacies, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing and embracing the goal of creating generations of people to learn how to better manage and protect their money and create everlasting legacies. I'm also Vice President of the Alumni Musicians Association a 501c3, my father started to give scholarships to music students at B-CU.

LaVeta has served as a member of the Board of Trustees; Washington DC Metro Chapter Alumni Association President, Vice President & Treasurer; Chair National Alumni Convention 2014 and Miss Maroon, current member of the Orlando Alumni Chapter, Life member of the B-CU National Alumni Association & member of the Orlando Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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