B-CU Spotlight : Meet Curtis Rayam, Jr

“The future holds all the possibilities in the world and those seeds are on this campus to be nurtured.” - Curtis Rayam, Jr., Assistant Professor of Music/Voice/Opera.

Meet Curtis Rayam, Jr.

The future is surely looking bright for B-CU as long as we continue to have such passionate, dedicated Faculty members who are so focused on putting our students first. We caught up with Mr. Rayam, Jr. a few days ago and loved hearing his story.

Us: What brought you to B-CU?

Mr. Rayam: I was Invited my Dr. Hiram Powell (now, Interim President)  in 1997.

Us: What do you love about B-CU?

Mr. Rayam: I love the interaction with aspiring students.

Us: What does the future of B-CU look like? 

Mr. Rayam: The future holds all the possibilities in the world and those seeds are on this campus to be nurtured. 

Us: What inspires you on a daily basis?

Mr. Rayam: Great expectations of learning and guiding.

Us: What’s one of your proudest accomplishments during your time here at B-CU?

Mr. Rayam: I am humbly proud of bringing yet another component of the Black American Experience. 

Us: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Mr. Rayam: I really am shy.

Us: What do you do in your free time? 

Mr. Rayam: I love to watch old movies and explore other halls of study.

Us: What else should our readers know about you? 

Mr. Rayam: My career as an opera singer preceded my career as an educator.
Being able to sing internationally,only equipped me to be an informed and practiced teacher.

The B-CU difference is passion. It’s a team of dedicated faculty and staff, leadership, board members, who all strive to put our students first. It’s a drive to equip and prepare them for the world out there, it’s to build future leaders, future opera singers, future servant leaders, future CEO’s, Executives, change agents, and human beings who put others before themselves. We thank Mr. Rayam for all that he does for our students, and appreciate him taking the time to chat with us.