Introducing the B-CU College Of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Bethune-Cookman University Board of Trustees, the administration, the faculty and staff, are all pleased to announce a new designation for the once, School Of Nursing at B-CU. The board voted and approved the creation of the College Of Nursing & Health Sciences led by Dean, Dr. Sandra Tucker. The College will be dedicated to achieving the wellness of diverse communities through education, community engagement, research, and professional preparation. Collaborative efforts among the units housed under the College will strive to eliminate health disparities while promoting health equity among local, regional, and global communities. The overall goal is to empower, engage, and educate health professionals who will be leaders in their respective fields and serve the health and well-being of a global community.

Nursing Students : Release

“This is a momentous occasion for Bethune-Cookman University, and a tremendous win for our students, local community and the global community. Our College of Nursing and Health Sciences will not only train and educate the future faces of the healthcare industry, but will also serve as a beacon to our campus and local community.” said Dr. Sandra Tucker, Dean of the College.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will allow for the expansion of health care program offerings, while promoting a hub for campus health initiatives. Units which will fall under the College include Undergraduate programs, Nursing, Health and Exercise, Psychology, and Aging Studies. Graduate offerings include Athletic Training, Public Health, and Counseling. The College will also serve student campus health needs through Student Health Services, Student Accessibility Services, and Student Mental Health Services.

"The need for high caliber, skilled nursing and healthcare specialists is continuing to be in high demand. As an institution that is driven to educate and equip students to grow and thrive, the B-CU Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and the Administration, saw a tremendous need to place a deeper emphasis on nursing and healthcare sciences education. We are proud to announce the newly-formed College of Nursing and Healthcare Sciences at Bethune-Cookman University, led by Dean Dr. Sandra Tucker and look forward to the many contributions that our graduates will add to our global community” stated Bethune-Cookman University Provost Dr. William Berry. He adds, “110 years ago, our founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune opened on our campus the very first hospital in Daytona Beach that did not discriminate against African Americans. Our College of Nursing and Health Sciences builds upon the broad vision that Dr. Bethune had, of service to others, and equitable health services for all people.”