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Policies and Procedures

Bethune-Cookman University News/Media Policies and Procedures

The Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) Division of Marketing & Communications understands the importance of news media and those who have the ability to share information about the university.   It is the office’s desire to provide accurate and timely information about B-CU, our students, faculty, staff and have been activated in an effort to foster positive interactions with news/media outlets. 

Contact with News/Media Outlets

The Division of Marketing & Communications is the approved and designated point of contact for official university news.  All media outlets must contact the Division of Marketing & Communications prior to reaching out to any administrators, students, faculty and staff. 

All students, staff, and faculty must alert the Division of Marketing & Communications prior to releasing statements or information to any news outlets.  If a member of the news media contacts B-CU’s student body, staff or faculty, they are to be redirected and sent to the Division of Marketing & Communications.  If students, staff, or faculty receive an email or call from the news media, you are expected to immediately forward the information to the Division of Marketing & Communications.  You are not obligated to return a call or email to the media.    

The administration has designated spokespeople that are authorized to speak on behalf of the university.  Only these identified people can officially comment to the media.  While we encourage students, staff, and faculty to share good news with our community, any and all news must come from the Office of Communications.  This creates a protected and uniformed voice for B-CU. 

Policies for News/Media Outlets:

The Division of Marketing & Communications staff is responsible for professionally representing B-CU.  The staff will respond to news/media requests in a timely and courteous manner.  The Division of Marketing & Communications expects the same from media outlets.  We expect members of the media to uphold strict ethical standards, display fairness when reporting the news and remain professional, as well.  B-CU reserves the right to disassociate ourselves with any news outlets that continue to ignore the expectations and policies set forth. 

All media inquiries, including quote needs, statements, and interview requests, must come to the B-CU Division of Marketing & Communications first.  The Division of Marketing & Communications will coordinate with the appropriate parties if and when necessary.  The staff and faculty are not required to speak directly with news/media outlets.  

B-CU is a closed campus to media.  We do grant access to the media for photography and videography upon request.  The media is not permitted to come onto our campus or enter into any B-CU related buildings without proper approval or invitation.  If a news outlet does not comply, the outlet will be asked to leave the premises.  

Emergency Situations

If an emergency occurs at B-CU, the Division of Marketing & Communications will provide information to the news/media outlets in a timely manner.  The staff will have a designated spokesperson who will provide details as they become available for release.  Media may have limited access to the campus and may be restricted to certain areas of campus during an emergency situation. 

*These policies and procedures are effective June 17, 2015, until further notice.

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