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B-CU Student Aids in Community Health Care as a Health Coach At Florida Hospital


B-CU Student, Jiah Hoff Helps Community Care Network Patient Reach Health Milestone

Jiah Hoff, a senior and student from the Petrock College of Health Sciences is also an employee at the Florida Hospital Community Care Network. Jiah provides health coaching to several patients. More specifically, Jiah began working with Community Care Network (CCN) patient Mrs. H, a 73-year-old woman diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and obesity. She was in the hospital three times in the 12 months prior to participation in the CCN program. The patient communicated to the team that her main goal was to lose 10 pounds in three months but had many other barriers to address concurrently.  

The EFR CCN team was able to assist with identified care gaps by providing a scale and BP monitor, ordering portable O2, arranged for Votran Gold (local bus system for disabled persons) to transport her to medical appointments, assisted her with the creation of a medical binder to organize her medical information (BP, weight loss, appts. etc.), and provided information on discounted eye exams which resulted in her obtaining eye glasses. Additionally, CCN provided one-on-one work with the dietitian to address education needs related to diet/disease management, label reading and portion control. 

“I met with Mrs. H weekly and provided encouragement for regular exercise. We started with walking together and then going to the community pool. Later on, her family got involved and began exercising and walking with her,” said Jiah.  As a result, when they moved to a new house they even set up an exercise room in the garage for Mrs. H.

Every week, the health coach met with the CCN team receiving guidance and literature to share with Mrs. H regarding healthy food choices. As a result of diet changes and increased exercise, Mrs. H lost 30 pounds in just three months! She reports feeling better, sleeping better and has decreased some of her medications. Jiah was able to develop a strong rapport with Mrs. H and through her support, Mrs. H reported decreased anxiety and increased emotional well-being.

Mrs. H credits the CCN staff and the Jiah Hoff with giving her the support, education and motivation needed to improve her health and accomplish her health related goals. Mrs. H has remained out of the hospital since starting the Community Care Network program six months ago.

Jiah was introduced to the idea of being a health coach by Mr. Chapman and began in the spring of 2015-2016. After graduating, Jiah plans on attending the University of Florida where he will obtain his Master of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Gerontology.

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