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B-CU Professor Selected to Present in South America


Dr. Adelia Parrado-Ortiz Shares Experiences as a Student Immigrant to Drive Diversity to B-CU

Dr. Adelia Parrado-Ortiz, a B-CU professor, came to the United States to escape the harsh realities of Bogota, Colombia, but most importantly, she migrated to the United States to complete her education and develop a new life for herself.  In order for Dr. Parrado-Ortiz to receive her degree in Modern Language, equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the United States, Dr. Parrado-Ortiz had to work hard to obtain the funds to complete her research paper in order to complete the course. In 1987, Dr. Parrado-Ortiz was granted a tourist visa and used this opportunity as a change to work in order to pay for the research paper that was required for her graduation. In 2000, Dr. Parrado-Oritz was able to return to Florida International University where 78 of her coursework credit from La Universidad de La Salle were transferred and she was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude in 2001. After completing her Bachelor’s degree she went on to obtain her Master’s in 2003, ultimately leading up to her Dr. Parrado-Ortiz receiving a scholarship that assisted in her paying for her Ph.D and teaching undergraduate Spanish courses.

"I was invited as a keynote speaker for their series on "What Comes After Your Undergraduate Schooling," by la Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, to speak in four of its different campuses (Bogotá, Villavicencio, Barrancabermeja and Santa Marta)," said Dr. Ortiz.  "I will share with the juniors and senior students of majors like Psychology, Law, Business Administration and Public Accounting, my experience as an immigrant coming from Colombia and finding the way to study in the United States of America. I will also talk about how a postgraduate education can help the student become aware of other cultures and appreciate and help our own Colombia to improve its social and economic conditions by becoming citizens with a global and diverse approach in their own field. I will also begin the process to open opportunities to student exchanges between B-CU and la Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia."

Dr. Adelia Parrado-Ortiz was recognized in 2007 as Teacher Assistant of the Year for the College of Arts & Science. She began her first professional job at a private university in North Carolina where she taught for eight years before joining the Wildcat family at Bethune-Cookman University. 

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